Louis Vuitton Fortune Cookie Bag

Despite nearing the end of CNY, it appears that the festivities, as well as the goodies, are far from over. With the release of Bottega Veneta’s gold fortune cookie bag in January, Louis Vuitton has now followed suit, this time with the cheeky addition of an individual packaging for the bag that’s similar to a real fortune cookie wrapper.

The design

louis vuitton fortune cookie bag and wrapper

If you’ve eaten a fortune cookie before, you would know that you have to tear open the wrapper and crack open the shell to reveal the message inside. With Louis Vuitton’s new replication, the set comes in two parts – the bag and the packaging.

louis vuitton fortune cookie bag

The underside of the bag has an oval shape, with a silver zipper and a brown removable leather strap attached to it, which you can hook through your wrist. It is also covered in Louis Vuitton’s iconic patterns. Bring this bag around as a playful accessory to your fit and be prepared to turn heads — New Jeans’ “Attention” would practically be your anthem.

louis vuitton fortune cookie bag insideThe fortune cookie bag comes in beige and has the curved shape of the cookie. Unzip the leather bag and it unfolds to reveal a wide internal space, with a hidden message in white attached to it that reads “Creativity listens to the heart”. Not only will it be a practical and stylish look, but it’ll also provide a daily reminder to be in touch with your feelings.

louis vuitton fortune cookie bag in wrapper
The fortune cookie bag features a transparent Louis Vuitton packaging, which looks similar to an actual fortune cookie packet. The design even includes a fake ingredient list and barcode on the package. 

Just like an actual food package, the brand has added in purple and orange words which states “Louis Vuitton”, “fortune cookie”, as well as a mock mascot with eyes and fangs. If only the bag was as cheap as actual snacks in the supermarket aisle.

The Louis Vuitton Fortune Cookie Bag & Wrapper Will Add Extra Quirk To Your Fits 

If you’re feeling adventurous with your outfits, this fortune cookie bag and wrapper will ensure that you surprise passersby everyday. The bag and wrapper do come with a costly price however – they retail at $3,200. The Fortune Cookie is available on Louis Vuitton’s website

All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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