Mahjong Ceramic Mugs

From mahjong luggages to bucket bags, there is a plethora of mahjong-themed accessories now that CNY is right around the corner. For mahjong enthusiasts who are still looking for their ultimate lucky charm, consider these mahjong ceramic mugs when you play the game with your kakis.  

The mugs

Taking after the silhouette of a mahjong tile, the ceramic mugs come in a rectangular shape that makes it easy to keep and stack them when not in use. Each drinkware also features a unique mahjong tile design such as of Chinese characters like hong zhong and nan    

Mahjong Ceramic Mugs

Similar to how standard mahjong tiles have an 8:2 colour ratio of white and green, the ceramic mugs greet us with the same colour details ‒ the handle and the rim of the mug are also green. 

Mahjong Ceramic Mugs

Since these quirky mugs are made from ceramic, you can use them to store both cold and hot drinks. Perhaps with a mahjong mug in your hand, you can maximise your gaming luck and huat as you drink from it.  

Mahjong Ceramic Mugs

That’s not all ‒ the packaging of the ceramic mug also includes wacky details that would probably make you LOL. Check out how the box features a phrase that reads “Earn money desperately”, which hopefully, will give you extra motivation to work hard this year. 

Each ceramic mug has a 400ml capacity and retails at $25.81 on Shopee.

Make These Quirky Ceramic Mugs Your Go-To Drinkware This CNY 

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space with CNY-themed drinkware, these mahjong ceramic mugs might just be the perfect items. Plus, they are also suitable as gifts for a mahjong-loving friend. 

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All images courtesy of Shopee

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