Mahjong Eye Shadow 

Mahjong is becoming popular among Gen Zs and this could only mean that there are more mahjong-inspired products out there. True enough, brands such as Nine Push have come up with mahjong-themed skateboards and LINE FRIENDS also released an adorable mahjong set earlier this year. 

But for those who prefer to show off their love for the game through more subtle methods, Chinese makeup brand, He Zhuang, has released eye shadows designed like mahjong tiles. 

The set 

Mahjong players would know that there are usually 144 tiles, but for this set of mahjong-inspired eye shadows, there are 42 different shades to choose from.

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While you can purchase the eye shadows individually, you can also splurge on all 42 shades and receive them in a 5-tier box. Each individual drawer reveals the neatly packed eye shadows.  

The case

Without a doubt, the selling point of the eye shadow is the mahjong tile casing.

Mahjong Eye Shadow Source

On one side, you will see the classic mahjong motif against a white background. Every piece is carved with fine workmanship and painted by hand. On the other side, you can slide open to reveal the eye shadow. 

Mahjong Eye ShadowSource

Each case is 33mm x 43mm x 20mm, making it easy to keep in your makeup pouch.   

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The eye shadows 

The eye shadows come in matte, shimmer, glitter and flashing finishes that will suit any occasion.

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Each of the eye shadows is also embossed with a mahjong suit print (winds, dragons, seasons, flowers, characters, bamboo and dots). 

Mahjong Eye ShadowSource

For those curious, the eye shadows are fine and pigmented. You would not have to worry about the colours fading over time. 

Mahjong Eye ShadowSource

Plus, some of the eye shadows double as a blusher, highlighter and bronzer. 

Get Your Mahjong Game On With This Set Of Eye Shadows

Each mahjong eyeshadow retails for RMB39.90 (~$8.33) but unfortunately, they are currently only available to those residing in China so you might be able to get them via freight forwarders.

More information about this set of mahjong eye shadows can be found on He Zhuang’s official online store

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