Miss Universe Singapore National Costume

You’d know by now that beauty pageants don’t just crown the prettiest girl as the winner ‒ there are other factors like personality and presentation. For viewers like me who’ve always enjoyed watching the national costume segment, chances are, you’ll be impressed by the one Miss Universe Singapore Carissa Yap will be wearing this year. 

Representing our nation in the 71st Miss Universe competition that is happening on 15 January 2023, Carissa Yap is set to wow the world with a stunning 3-D printed orchid costume. 

The costume

Singapore might be a small nation but we are strong in fields like R&D and innovation. That said, it might not come as a surprise to some that this year’s national costume is put together by 3-D printing and delicate craftsmanship. 

Miss Universe Singapore National Costume

Paying tribute to Singapore’s national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim, Carissa’s costume features intricate details of the orchid in white. 

Miss Universe Singapore National Costume

A total of more than 200 3-D printed lattices were hand-assembled onto the costume, each representing a different part of the floral such as the veins of the leaves and vines. The headpiece also holds a special significance ‒ it provides Carissa with an asymmetrical element that contributes to her overall appearance.  

All the 3-D printed lattices are lightweight to ensure Carissa won’t have much trouble moving in the costume. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice five main orchid petals that frame Carissa’s upper torso with a high-rising collar and outstretched wings. These pieces come together to form the silhouette of the islands of Singapore, which reflect the effort that went into the design of the costume.

A 3-D pen was used to assemble and weld the pieces by hand
Image courtesy of Baëlf Design

If you’re wondering how the designers managed to create the 3-D pieces with such sophisticated details, the answer lies in the invention of their own composite-making process. It allows the 3-D flowers to be sculpted freely by hand and maintain the resulting shape.    

Mad respect to Baëlf Design, who spent more than 4 months designing the costume, and 2 months printing the 3-D lattices.

That’s not all ‒ the ensemble is completed with a bodysuit that is bedazzled with red sequins by Couturier Fredrick Lee, which gives a shoutout to Singapore’s national colours, red and white.

The cape

Apart from the national costume segment, this year’s Miss Universe competition also introduced a custom cape for the swimwear round in the preliminary and final competitions.  

Joining hands with MINDsville, a home for people with intellectual disabilities, Miss Universe Singapore Organisation put together this year’s cape by using sponge painting. The design paints a picture of the different communities in Singapore that come together as one, which also highlights the heritage and culture of every Singaporean citizen. 

Miss Universe Singapore National Costume

At the same time, the cape also delivers the message of “no matter how small a person’s contribution might be, we are stronger together”. Hopefully, when Carissa walks down the runway with this gorgeous accessory, audiences from every part of the world would be able to witness the beauty of Singapore. 

Miss Universe Singapore Carissa Yap’s 3-D Printed National Costume Is Singapore’s Pride

There’s no denying that Miss Universe Singapore Carissa Yap’s 3-D printed national costume is cool AF. It showcases the identity of Singapore, and also highlights the strength we have as a country. 

To support Carissa Yap in the upcoming 71st Miss Universe Competition, be sure to follow Miss Universe Singapore’s Instagram for more updates. 

All images courtesy of Miss Universe Singapore. 

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