NCT Dream Pop-Up Store: Get Ready Dream

2023 is certainly the year where concerts are finally back in full swing. Since K-pop boy group NCT Dream’s 2020 concert in Singapore was cancelled due to the pandemic, fans have been eagerly waiting for the seven boys to eventually perform here. 

NCTzens’ wishes will soon be granted with NCT Dream’s upcoming concert on 1 May 2023, alongside something special — an exclusive pop-up store in Singapore inspired by their albums. Open from now until 2 May 2023, here’s a quick look at what you can expect while you’re there, so you won’t go into glitch mode with all the exciting things to do.

The pop-up store

Fun fact: this pop-up store will only be making its way around three cities in Southeast Asia: Manila, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It will be held at Leisure Park Kallang for over five days, located nearby Singapore Indoor Stadium, where NCT Dream will be performing. 

Since most of NCT pop-ups are exclusive to Seoul only, to finally have one here is probably better than gold to Singaporean NCTzens.

Upon reaching the pop-up store, you’ll be greeted with a large photo wall with all seven members decked in their Candy album outfits. Feel free to strike a pose with 7dream, or snap selfies with your bias here.

NCT Dream Pop-Up Store

Inside the pop-up, you’ll be greeted to more photo spots, such as these yellow lockers decorated with official merchandise.

Exclusive merch

For fans who are still fretting about finding the perfect concert fit, check out the exclusive merch available for purchase at the pop-up store. There are 40 items in total, ranging from apparel to photocard sets. 

Note that you’ll be given a form to fill out the items you intend to purchase before entering, so as to facilitate a smooth collection process.

NCT Dream Pop-Up Store

Get either Candy or Glitch Mode inspired tees in black and white, available in only L and XL sizes for an oversized look. The tees are retailing at $56 each.

No streetwear look is complete without a cap to make you feel extra hype. Complete your NCT Dream look with the ball caps, available in two designs at $51 each.

Photocard collectors can look out for new photocards from the photo prop, tin case and polaroid card sets. Photocard previews are available for display at the pop-up, as well as on Konshop’s website.

NCT Dream Pop-Up Store

Pull a random photo card when purchasing the PVC wallet with one photo set. Retailing at $24, it reminds me of the anticipation when opening an album and praying that my luck would get me my bias’ photocard. 

The adorable Glitch Mode keyring can also be attached to the PVC wallet, retailing at $21. 

All of the online shop merchandise has officially been sold out for now, so we’re hoping that Konshop might do a restock soon. For those who didn’t manage to secure their items online, be sure to head down to get them at this pop-up store, available while stocks last.

The NCT Dream Pop-Up Store Has Exclusive Merch From Their Glitch Mode & Candy Albums

NCT Dream Pop-Up Store

For fans who might not be able to make it down to the concert merch booth to get their Neo Bong, aka the NCT fandom light stick, not to worry. Neo Bongs are also available to purchase at the pop-up store for $75 each, along with a four-piece battery set at $2.50.

Whether you’ve been a NCTzen since their iconic Chewing Gum debut or fell in love with their latest mini album Candy, this pop-up store is not one to be missed. Available for only five days, with one of the days coinciding with the concert date, be sure to grab your best friend ever to snap some cute photos here. 

Head over to Konshop’s Instagram page for more information and to check out the full merchandise collection. 

NCT Dream Pop-Up Store: Get Ready Dream
Address: 5 Stadium Walk, Level 1, Atrium@ Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore 397693
Dates: 28 April to 2 May 2023
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

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