Nike Pastel Sneakers 

VSCO girls, soft girls and anyone else who has a soft spot for pastel colours, it seems like 2021 is your year. Nike is going full force with its pastel-themed drops, which put a colourful spin on classic Nike silhouettes. Here’s a look at some upcoming Nike pastel sneakers that will elevate any summertime outfit.  

Dunk Low 

Nike Pastel Sneakers Dunk Low


First up, Nike Dunk Lows. The basketball-inspired sneakers have received a VSCO girl refresh with a mix of blue, purple, green and pink colours.

Adding to the quirkiness of the shoes are the mismatched pale hues, with a different combination of colours on the left and right. They’ll make anyone do a double take when they see you walking down Orchard Road with these kicks.


Even the heel tabs, shoe tongue and sole have gotten the pastel treatment. The terrazzo-style pink and blue splotches on the sole makes the shoe feel like a hand-painted work of art. 

Air Rift Grind

Nike Pastel Sneakers Air Rift


Many features of Nike’s Air Rift Grind emphasise comfort and functionality. Thanks to the sandal-like silhouette and exposed parts, the shoes also boast a lot more breathability. Perfect for Singapore’s eternally blazing weather.


You might even be able to go as far as saying that the Air Rift Grinds are the sandal version of the Dunk Lows above. Both share many design elements like the terrazzo-style soles and mismatched colours. 

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Air Jordan 1 Zoom 

Nike Pastel Sneakers Air Jordans


Last but not least, Nike’s pastel Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort “Easter”. The strength of these Air Jordans lies in its contrast. The black laces and mesh Swoosh pop against the colourful backdrop, adding some grunge to the sneakers.


Fans of the Air Jordans range can also look forward to finding its logo right above the brand’s classic Swoosh. 

Nike Pastel Sneakers Will Breathe New Life To Your Fashion Ensembles

Whether you like high-cut or sporty sneakers, there is something for everyone in Nike’s pastel line-up. Watch this space for updates on if and when these pastel kicks will be making their way to Singapore. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking to spice up your collection with themed-sneakers, you can check out Nike’s coffee shoes

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