One Week Love Must-See Moments

For many of us, watching others find love through reality shows like Love is Blind and Indian Matchmaking is a great way to distract ourselves from our own relationships – or lack thereof.  With SG’s own version of a dating show called One Week Love that was released last week, Singaporeans now get the chance to kaypoh the love lives of 10 attractive singles

Before we get further invested with Episode 4 onwards, here’s a recap of some of the must-see moments so far. 

Watch Episode 3 below:

1. Sam helps Dione to pick up the lego pieces she dropped

One Week Love Best & Worst MomentsSam giving Dione the blocks she dropped

As harsh as the reality is, many people subscribe to the logic of “We are not a team. This is a competition” as mentioned by Korean rapper Jessi. Yet, contestant Sam showed true sportsmanship when he went back to pick up the blocks Dione dropped during the swimming pool competition to win a date. 

While Sam’s kind deed sabotaged his chance of scoring a date with a person he was interested in, his action definitely earned him brownie points from other female contestants. 

This wholesome moment definitely proves the aforementioned saying wrong, instead proving that “all’s fair in love and war”. 

2. The sweet harmonisation between Roz and Sam

One Week Love contestants gathered for a musical night in Episode 3

NGL, but Sam is one contestant who is earning the spot as my personal fave in One Week Love. As a musician who plays the guitar, Sam was seen harmonising with Roz when the rest of the contestants gathered together for a fun night. 

His soothing voice and Roz’s sweet vocals were a highlight of the episode, and we definitely saw chemistry form between the two that night. Maybe in the upcoming episodes, we can look forward to seeing more romantic moments between the talented duo. 

3. Cooking nasi lemak together as a group 

One Week Love Best & Worst Moments

Romance aside, One Week Love is a way for the contestants to form genuine friendships too. As one of the missions was to prepare nasi lemak together as a group, it was heartwarming to see how all of them came together and bonded by whipping up a meal. 

The mission reflects the fact that Singapore is indeed a melting pot of cultures and races, and food is one element that brings us all together. 

4. Judging other contestants too quickly

The hard truth about dating is that you are bound to judge others and vice versa. While it is easy to make passing judgement, it isn’t exactly fair when you haven’t given a person a chance to prove themselves wrong. 

This brings me to the moment when the female contestants were talking about going on a date with a fellow male contestant that they weren’t exactly fond of on the first day. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but who knows where things could lead to if they keep an open mind. Perhaps I’d be proven wrong in the coming episodes.

5. Gari trying to fix Kasey’s audio transmitter

One Week Love Best & Worst MomentsKasey’s reaction after Gari tried to fix her audio transmitter

Respecting someone’s personal space is especially important during the early stages of a relationship, so when Gari went to fix Kasey’s audio transmitter without warning, his action didn’t put him in a good light. Instead, Kasey became even more wary of him. 

While we believe that Gari had no ill intentions and sincerely wanted to help, perhaps he should have asked Kasey for permission first as a way of respecting her. Moral of the story? Always ask for consent. 

6. Oliver trying to make an impression on Dione

Flirting is one way to catch the attention of someone you’re interested in, but when you go a lil’ overboard, it can backfire instead. Luckily for Oliver, his bold move of winking at Dione during their first meeting didn’t create a bad first impression. In fact, it might have instigated Dione’s positive feelings for Oliver instead. Meanwhile, the girls in my group chat and I were cringing at his aggressive move. 

As everyone has their own preference when it comes to wooing or getting wooed, I guess there is no foolproof method of winning a person’s heart. 

These Moments From One Week Love So Far Show The Dos & Don’ts In A Relationship

A common stereotype of reality dating shows is dramatic scenes to spice things up exaggeratedly, but we haven’t seen that from One Week Love so far. 

Instead, we love how the dating show has been teaching us some of the dos and don’ts in a relationship, along with useful tips we can apply in our daily lives. Plus, we even witnessed the genuine friendships formed among the contestants. 

Curious folks who wish to catch One Week Love can head over to TheSmartLocal’s YouTube channel, with episodes releasing twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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