One Week Love Contestant Updates

Earlier this Valentine’s Day, One Week Love became Singapore’s first reality dating show to air on Netflix ‒ you might recall that the series originally premiered on YouTube in October 2022. 

With some time passed since the show first concluded, we reached out to the contestants to catch up on how they’ve been doing, kaypoh-ed about their relationship status, and learned about their future plans. 


1. Dione Tan

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Although Dione walked away with Oliver as a couple at the end of One Week Love, they didn’t officially kickstart their relationship off-screen. Since then, she has been busy building her modelling career, completing a placement in Hong Kong in 2023, and is hopeful for her next one this year. 

Speaking to Dione, she mentioned that she has begun a stricter fitness journey for weight gain and body toning to achieve a “healthier and better me”. Furthermore, she shared her aspirations of becoming a certified yoga teacher within the next two years, and plans to produce more fashion and beauty content that incorporates her interests, such as fitness and outdoor activities. 

2. Nur Atiqah


Thanks to One Week Love, Atiqah was able to form new friendships with the contestants, and even now, she still meets up with Dione, Dania, and Roz. Not long ago, they also uploaded photos of themselves during a girl’s night out, showcasing their strong friendship. 

Based on Atiqah’s Linkedin, it also appears that she is still working as a financial consultant. 

3. Kasey Avarielle Low

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It isn’t an exaggeration to say that One Week Love was Kasey’s turning point in life ‒ especially in her career and relationships. Shortly after the filming of One Week Love, Kasey left her job and dedicated her time to becoming a full-time content creator on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

“I was able to experience so many amazing opportunities like working with brands I never dreamed of working with, walking my first runway, and many more,” Kasey shared. 

This year, she aims to be more active on YouTube, and plans to release more lifestyle, beauty, travel, and home content. 

Career updates aside, Kasey also revealed that she meets up with the boys from time to time, and has been dating Don ever since One Week Love concluded. I guess it is possible to find love in a week. 

4. Roziana Cindy

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Roz’s positive mindset when she left One Week Love is an encouragement to all singles that you can always improve on the relationship you have with yourself. The experience allowed her to work on personal growth, and learn to change how she approaches and addresses certain issues. 

Currently, her relationship status remains single, as she is focused on her career instead.  

Roz is now a Senior Marketing Director at ERA, and enjoys the satisfaction of fulfilling her clients’ real estate dreams. At the same time, she is also preparing for her upcoming music single, for which she has worked closely with Indonesia’s top composers.  

“I’m excited to release my song across all music platforms and to perform on stage soon!” Roz revealed. 

5. Dania Ervianny Nah

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After the end of One Week Love, your bubbly girl Dania has been participating in international basketball tournaments and SEA games as a representative of Singapore. Slay.

Her passion for the sport is evident on her Instagram, and she shared that she is now taking it easy and focusing on recuperating after a recent major knee operation. 

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1. Oliver Loo

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Admit it ‒ many of us were disappointed to learn that Oliver and Dione did not enter a romantic relationship after the show. Nonetheless, Oliver stans might be interested to know that he may be seeing someone, according to his Instagram photos. 

It also appears that he is still working as a model under the agency Mannequin Studio. 

2. Sam Driscoll

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If you’ve been following Sam on his socials, you’d probably know that he released his debut album “The Pledge” in July 2023, which is available on Spotify. Sam also pointed out that more people started to recognise him on the streets, and his gigs now gain a larger crowd after his appearance on One Week Love.

What’s more, Sam even had the opportunity to collaborate with brands from different industries. As a cherry on top, he is currently in a relationship. 

3. Garialdi Salim 

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Gari emerged from One Week Love as a changed man ‒ brimming with confidence and optimism. After his appearance on the reality dating show, Gari shared that more people started to recognise him on the streets. He even decided to get a perm, taking a cue from Oliver’s recommendation. 

Similar to before, he is still working as a full-time management consultant, and dabbles as a model and actor on the side. Plus, he hopes to star in more reality shows in the future. 

While he didn’t manage to find love on the show, Gari revealed that he has been happily attached for a year now. 

4. Tinesh Brendan Jacob 


Dad jokes expert Brendan is set to graduate from his mechanical design course later this year. While Brendan is undecided on his next steps in life, he hopes to spend some time travelling since he has been grinding really hard on work and in school. 

Whenever time allows, Brendan hangs out with Kasey and the other male contestants, and occasionally checks in on Atiqah and Dania. When asked about his relationship status, Brendan revealed that he actually went through a bad breakup, and is currently focusing on himself. 

5. Donovan Wong Tun Shaun 

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Don might have joined the dating game late on One Week Love, but he walked away matching with Kasey. Not long ago on Valentine’s Day, he also shared a photo of Kasey holding a stalk of roses on his Instagram story, suggesting that they had a romantic date. 

According to his Instagram, it seems that Don is still working as a physical trainer, and freelancing as a content creator. 

These Updates From One Week Love Contestants Show That It Is Possible To Find Love In A Week  

Although some time has passed since One Week Love concluded, these updates from the contestants show that they are working towards new goals in life, and some even managed to find love.

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