Reebok x The Flintstones & The Jetsons

Despite being released in the 1960s, The Flintstones and The Jetsons remain as iconic cartoon shows that many kids have enjoyed throughout the generations. Paying tribute to the crossover film in 1987, Reebok is launching a new sneaker and apparel collection inspired by the nostalgic characters we love.

The Flintstones sneakers

Coming in with his iconic line “yabba yabba doo!”, the Fred Flintstone sneakers feature the caveman’s leopard-skin clothing along the upper leather. Meanwhile, details of his mischievous and sleepy sabre-toothed tiger adorn the heel tabs. 

The spikey all-white details on the Wilma Flintstone sneakers are inspired by her white dress. Not forgetting the ornamental shoelace tag that resembles her stone necklace to complete the look, this subtle design is perfect for minimalists.

Reebok The Flintstones

As the Flintstones family’s beloved pet, Dino the Snorkasauras can’t be missed out from this collection. The vibrant pink colours of the sneaker are made with Dino’s pink body in mind, featuring his giant tongue hidden in the insoles. 

Fun fact: the outsole is made of recycled rubber, so you can do your part to save Mother Earth, aka Dino’s home too.

While Fred, Barney and the kids were the only ones who could see The Great Gazoo, this sneaker brings the unique alien to us too. Taking on a green colour palette like the alien character’s body, the sneaker even comes with glow-in-the-dark antennae on the sides.

The Jetsons sneakers

Reebok The Flintstones

While The Flintstones were all about The Stone Age, The Jetsons transports us into the futuristic space world of 2062. Jump into a time machine with the Jane Jetson sneakers, decked in vivid pink hues of her dress. 

The sole features her hair curlers, reminding us of her favourite hobby — dressing up with the help of her robots.

As the CEO of Spacely Space Sprockets Inc., these Mr Spacely sneakers come in blue and green hues to resemble his outfit. The space-age touch along the sides of the sneaker add a unique futuristic look too.

The metallic design of these sneakers are inspired by The Jetsons’ beloved robot, Rosie, who helps out around the house. Just like her dependable nature, these sneakers provide superior cushioning to support you while exercising.

The George Jetson sneakers steal the show with on and off switches and lightning details from George’s job at Spacely Space Sprockets. Peeking out from the insoles, his best friend and computer R.U.D.I. makes an appearance too.

If you can’t decide which cartoon you prefer, go for this sneaker that gives you the best of both worlds. Reminding us of the crossover film when the two families met, this sneaker combines furry animal prints with iridescent space details.

Reebok The Flintstones

Each purchase of The Flintstones or The Jetsons sneakers also come with an exclusively designed box that avid fans can add to their collection.


Reebok The Flintstones

That’s not all — the Reebok collection also includes a variety of apparel to complete your full OOTD. Join Judy Jetson at Orbit High School with the school logo sweatshirt, or go for a casual look with The Flintstones cropped graphic tee. 

Reebok The Flintstones

Combining the Stone Age and Space Age, the colourful leggings in this collection come in different lengths to suit your workout routine.

Reebok The Flintstones

Show off your love for the cartoons with an oversized graphic tee or cotton sweatshirt. These are perfect to zhng up your closet for a larger variety of streetwear designs.

Reebok x The Flintstones & The Jetsons Collection Brings The Nostalgia From Our Childhood Cartoons

Reebok x The Flintstones and The Jetsons full collection will be launching globally from 8 April 2022 onwards. Head over to Reebok’s website for more details while taking a trip down your childhood nostalgia. 

In the meantime, hypebaes can also anticipate new looks from Durex’s new streetwear collection too. 

All images courtesy of Reebok.

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