Saint Laurent Take-Away Box Bag

With inflation in full swing, many Singaporeans are trying their best to cut down daily expenses like bringing their own lunch box when they dabao food. But if you’re planning to do so with style, consider taking away your future purchases with Saint Laurent’s “dabao box” bag.  

The bag

While the bag is not actually meant for you to store your meals, the name comes after how the design brings to mind a cardboard takeaway box. 

Made from supple calfskin leather, the bag features a diamond-shaped monochromatic pattern where you can find the engravings of Saint Laurent’s logo. You also won’t miss out on the metallic logo of Saint Laurent in silver that is on the centre of the bag. 

Saint Laurent Take-Away Box Bag

Since the bag has dimensions of 19cm x 21cm x 20cm, it comes with sufficient storage to keep essentials like a handphone and wallet. Plus, a patch pocket is also included on the inside for important slim-fit items like your name cards or house key. 

No worries if you aren’t a fan of the black colourway ‒ the bag is also available in brown with similar details such as the metallic logo on the exterior, but in gold. 

The Saint Laurent Take-Away box bag retails at USD$1,890 (~$2,540). 

This Saint Laurent Take-Away Box Bag Is A Head Turner When You Bring It Out

Fans of novelty items will not want to miss out on this Saint Laurent “dabao box” bag as it adds an extra oomph to your OOTD. Chances are, it will also incite plenty of kaypoh questions and jokes when you go on house visits this CNY. 

Interested folks can purchase the bag in both colourways on Saint Laurent’s official website

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