Singapore Airlines Mahjong Set 2021

It’s that prime time of the year where we finish up our Christmas gift shopping and start planning for the new year. And if more mahjong is on your agenda, kill two birds with one stone and get your hands on the latest Singapore Airlines mahjong set. 

With tiles adorned with the iconic SIA batik motifs and a unique green carry case, you can save the set for CNY or get it as a present for your beloved kawan. FYI, this is the 2nd mahjong set they’ve released, the first one selling out quickly last year. If you missed the previous drop, make sure to quickly “add to cart” so you’ll be able to bag this one.  

[Update 7 March 2023] The set is now on sale at $194 for a limited time only.

The set 

The entire mahjong set is presented in a forest green case with floral imprints lightly embossed on the bottom. To accompany the tiles, there are chips and a dice set included as well – the dice comes in translucent gold with flecks of glitter for that extra sparkle. 

Each of the tiles has a clear green upper with floral-inspired adornments that resemble Singapore Airlines classic batik uniforms. 

If you were to take a closer look at each individual tile, you’ll notice a running theme of icons reminiscent of taking a flight, like a suitcase, aeroplane and runway design to replace the usual motifs. 

This unique set adds a twist to the usual mahjong gameplay with new tiles to use and spice up a Friday night session with your friends and family. 

This Singapore Airlines Mahjong Set Will Add A Touch Of Finesse To Your Game Night 

Even if you already have other sets at home, it never hurts to have another mahjong collectible. This limited edition Singapore Airlines mahjong set is available online as part of the Batik Label collection by KrisShop. The set will be made available to everyone from 16 January 2022, but KrisFlyer members have first dibs and can purchase it now. 

All images courtesy of Singapore Airlines.

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