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With the success of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno, it is no wonder that the dating show is renewed season after season. Now that the first three episodes of Single’s Inferno 3 have been released on Netflix, eager fans are already forming watch parties for a binge-watching sesh.   

Given the inherent trait of Singaporeans to be kaypoh, below is a list of the cast’s profiles, Instagram handles, and ages. 

Warning: Spoilers for Single’s Inferno 3 ahead, proceed at your own risk if you’ve yet to watch the reality series!


1. Choi Hye Seon 

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Occupation: Influencer, model, and student
Instagram: @hazelchoiii
Age: 25

Choi Hye Seon’s bubbly personality and impressive CV are bound to make a lasting impression. Beyond majoring in life science and bioinformatics at Ewha Women’s University, she has also interned at a startup in Silicon Valley. According to a Korean news article, Hye Seon is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the same field as her university major at Durham University.

Since she also has side hustles as an influencer and model, you might find her face familiar. She has appeared as a model in popular skincare brand ads such as Nature Republic and Physiogel Korea. 

2. Yu Si Eun 

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Occupation: TV personality and influencer
Instagram: @yoo__si
Age: 26

Known for her resemblance to Blackpink’s Jennie and IVE’s Jang Won Young, Yu Si Eun is a TV personality and influencer. She notably took part in the 2022 Miss Korea beauty pageant, where she earned the title of runner-up. 

Si Eun also graduated from Yeon Sung University as an airline services major. 

3. Yoon Ha Jeong


Occupation: Employee in clothing industry
Instagram: @hi__jjeong2
Age: 25

Keep an eye out for Yoon Ha Jeong, another contestant with experience in beauty pageants. In 2021, Ha Jeong participated in the Miss Chunhyang beauty contest, and despite not securing a spot in the top 3, she left a lasting impression on the audience. 

Prior to the contest, she earned her degree in Air Travel and Tourism from Suwon Science College. Now, she is making her name as a model, and is signed under modeling agency Leaders Entertainment

4. Ahn Min Young

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Occupation: Pilates instructor
Instagram: @my_floria_
Age: 25

Ahn Min Young definitely grabbed attention with her stunning red dress when she made her entrance on the show. In addition to running a pilates studio as a pilates instructor, she also participated in the 2023 Miss Korea Busan beauty pageant, and emerged as the winner. 

What’s even more impressive is that Min Young completed her Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship Management at Chung-Ang University. 

5. Kim Gyu Ri 


Occupation: Fashion and beauty model
Instagram: @citruszl
Age: 27

At first glance, Kim Gyu Ri appears cold and reserved, but she turns out to be a bubbly person after warming up to others. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Airline Cabin Service Management from Inha Technical College, Gyu Ri is currently working as a fashion and beauty model. 

She also took part in the 2022 Miss Korea Gyeongnam beauty pageant and secured the third position. 

6. Cho Min Ji


Occupation: Student 
Instagram: @joymingzi_
Age: 25

As the show’s final addition, Cho Min Ji is a show-stopper, thanks to her adorable appearance and witty charm. In the introduction video, she shares her aspiration to become a news anchor, and is working towards her goal by participating in a study group. Like Choi Hye Seon, Min Ji is also a student at Ewha Women’s University, majoring in economics. 

Based on her Instagram feed, she previously won the Miss Jeju 2022 beauty pageant, and was crowned second runner-up at Miss Korea 2021. 


1. Lee Gwan Hee


Occupation: Professional basketball player
Instagram: @leegwanhee0429
Age: 35

Many people recognised Lee Gwan Hee the moment his face appeared on the teaser of Single’s Inferno 3. The reason? He is a professional basketball player playing for Changwon LG Sakers. 

Standing at a height of 189cm, Gwan Hee is also noted by many for his uncanny resemblance to Beenzino, a Korean rapper. 

2. Choi Min Woo

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Occupation: Model
Instagram: @choimin__woo  
Age: 23

According to Choi Min Woo’s Instagram, he has walked for several fashion shows, hinting at his profession as a model. Considering his tall build and slim physique, it wouldn’t be surprising if he is revealed to be a model. 

As of now, Min Woo has yet to capture the attention of the ladies, but hopefully, in the next few episodes, he will be able to prove himself as a strong contender. 

3. Lee Jin Seok 


Occupation: Cafe owner
Instagram: @seok_lj  
Age: 30

As the saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Lee Jin Seok no doubt surprised many when he revealed his occupation as the owner of three cafes in Daegu. Unlike his masculine appearance, Jin Seok is actually a meticulous person, who enjoys making desserts and appreciates the finer things in life. 

He also mentioned that he considers working out as a hobby, which pretty much explains his buff physique. 

4. Son Won Ik

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Occupation: Real estate agent
Instagram: @hiwonik 
Age: 30

As much as we’d love to share more details about Son Won Ik, Netflix has yet to reveal much about him. However, based on his Instagram, it appears that Won Ik has featured as a model in magazines, suggesting that he might work in the modeling industry.

Interestingly, another Instagram post of his also showed that he passed the exams to become a licensed real estate agent, so there is a chance that he is one. 

5. Yun Ha Bin 


Occupation: Actor
Instagram: @yunhxvin
Age: 30

With hopes of becoming a renowned actor, Yun Ha Bin has participated in several acting projects, including web drama Our D-Day, and movie The Lee A.K.A Bongcheon Tiger. Since we’ve only got to see him for a short while on Single’s Inferno 3 so far, we can’t wait to learn more about his personality and dating style. 

6. Park Min Kyu 


Occupation: Coast guard, search and rescue swimmer, and police officer
Instagram: @ssrt_mk
Age: 33

Fun fact: Park Min Kyu was a competitive swimmer in high school. However, he didn’t pursue a career as a sportsman because he later injured his shoulder. Nonetheless, he has still put his passion for swimming to good use as he is working as a coast guard and search and rescue swimmer. 

The Cast Of Single’s Inferno 3 Are Bound To Make Headlines

Unlike the previous seasons of Single’s Inferno, Netflix chose to spice things up with a plot twist. While I’m impressed with the new direction that the dating show is taking, I’m not sure how things will unfold in the upcoming episodes. 

As we wait in the meantime, recap on your faves from Single’s Inferno 1 here

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