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Earlier this year, we kicked off 2024 with the final pairings of Single’s Inferno Season 3. Whether your on-screen OTPs made it or not, it’s hard to deny the success of the dating show — the third season was reported to be the most successful season so far, achieving Global Top 10 TV Shows across 31 countries for five weeks straight. 

Good news for fans who’ve been following all three seasons — Netflix has just confirmed that the series will be returning for a Season 4, with the possibility of combining previous cast members together.

The casting

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Single’s Inferno Season 3 gave us a plot twist nobody saw coming — two infernos on two separate islands, just across from each other. While we’re not exactly sure if Single’s Inferno 4 will bring back a similar concept, Producer Kim Jae Won has stated that they are considering feedback and suggestions from fans.

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Producer Kim Jae Won also hopes for the next season to be “both heart-warming and enjoyable”, and suggests a possible all-star season featuring cast members from different seasons. 

He even put the possibility of having Kim Jinyoung from Season 2 and Lee Gwan Hee from Season 3 meeting on Inferno into our heads — what would it be like to watch these two fight over a girl?

Perhaps adding Season 1’s muscular hunk Cha Hyunseung into the mix would be fun too. Hey Netflix, we miss watching the iconic wrestling game between the male contestants. Could we bring that back? 😉

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As for the ladies, I’ll honestly be excited to watch Season 3’s Kim Gyuri and Season 1’s Song Ji-A together. Would it be a battle of the queens? Would Gwan Hee go all-in for Ji-A? At this point, it wouldn’t even be a love triangle anymore — we might just see Gwan Hee in a love octagon instead. 

I’d love to see Season 3’s Yoon Ha Jeong come back as well — her infectious joy could probably ease some of the tension between the female cast members.

Single’s Inferno Season 4 Teases Fans With The Possibility Of An All-Star Season

Since Netflix has confirmed that Single’s Inferno will be returning for a Season 4, this means that fans can most likely look forward to bingeing more drama at the end of the year. I wonder which of our crossover OTPs will get to share a fun time at a new Paradise together. 

Head over to Netflix Korea’s Instagram page for more information. 

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