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There’s no denying that 2023 was one of the best years for Korean variety shows. Many made it to Netflix’s Top 10 charts globally, such as The Devil’s Plan, Siren: Survive The Island and Physical 100, just to name a few. 

ICYMI, Physical 100 was a reality competition where 100 contestants competed in a series of physically demanding challenges to win prize money. This March 2024, the show is returning with a second season, alongside new and notable cast members that may be familiar to some viewers.

1. Kang So-Yeon — Single’s Inferno Season 1 contestant

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Instagram: @kangsoyeon__

Earlier this year, the third season of the hot dating reality show, Single’s Inferno, finally came to an end. Across three seasons in three years, many fans have been wondering what the previous cast members have been up to. 

It seems like Kang So-Yeon from Season 1 is making her comeback on Netflix as a contestant on Physical 100 Season 2. FYI, she successfully escaped Inferno with male contestant Oh Jin-Taek, so we’re hoping that she’ll be able to make it far in Physical 100 as well.

2. Lee Jang-Jun — Member of K-pop idol group Golden Child


Instagram: @jangjun_jjangsexyhotcute

In Physical 100 Season 1, there were many contestants of varying backgrounds — bodybuilders, martial artists and even national athletes. But Season 2’s cast list stunned us with an unexpected contestant — Lee Jang-Jun, a K-pop idol from the group Golden Child.

Golden Child made their debut in 2017 with Lee Jang-Jun as the main rapper and vocalist. As the first ever K-pop idol to join Physical 100, we’re excited to see what he has to offer. 

3. Knucks — Street Man Fighter contestant

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Instagram: @monster.mijo

Another familiar face on reality shows is Knucks, who was a contestant on Street Man Fighter, a Korean dance competition show. Knucks is a well-known krump dancer and member of his team, Prime Kingz Crew. 

According to his Instagram page, Knucks’ passion for working out rivals his passion for dance as well. He’s an avid boxer and enjoys going to the gym in his free time. 

4. Kim Dong-Hyun — Retired mixed martial artist & variety show entertainer

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Instagram: @stungunkim

Law of the Jungle, Master in the House, The Return Of Superman and Strong Heart. You name it, Kim Dong-Hyun has probably been on it. The popular variety show entertainer is also a retired mixed martial artist, who was signed by the UFC and fought in UFC’s welterweight division.   

While being on multiple variety shows since his retirement, Kim Dong-Hyun has also maintained his Greek God-like body too. I’m certainly rooting for him to make it to the final round of Physical 100 Season 2. 

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5. Hong Beom-Seok — Physical 100 Season 1 contestant


Instagram: @hongbeomseok_

In Physical 100 Season 1, many contestants who didn’t make it far left with heavy regrets. One such contestant was Hong Beom-Seok, a former special forces soldier of 10 years, who had been eliminated early in the show. 

It seems like Hong Beom-Seok is back in Season 2 to prove his worth. As the only returning contestant, perhaps he might gain an advantage with his experience. 

6. Shin Soo-Ji — National rhythmic athlete and bowler

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Instagram: @shinsjsj

Shin Soo-Ji is a national rhythmic athlete and bowler who’s well known in the Korean athletes scene. In 2008, she represented South Korea in the Beijing Olympics, and also won a bronze medal in All-around at the 2009 Asian Championships. 

With three world championships under her belt, Shin Soo-Ji is not a contestant to be underestimated on Physical 100. 

7. Park Kwang-Jae — Actor


Instagram: @kwangjae_park0910

Park Kwang-Jae has acted in various films such as Kill Boksoon, Vigilante and Song of Bandits. Prior to acting, he was a former professional basketball player in the Korean Basketball League, so we can expect to see him ace most physically demanding challenges on the show. 

8. Lee Kyu-Ho — Actor and TV personality

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Instagram: @actor_leekyuho

Don’t let actor Lee Kyu-Ho’s big frame scare you — he’s actually a softie who loves doing mukbangs, aside from acting in famous dramas and movies. Fans may recognise him in supporting roles in Money Heist: Korea, My Lovely Liar and The Uncanny Counter. 

Standing at 1.9m tall, Lee Kyu-Ho has the ideal body size to take on any competitor in 1-on-1 fights easily.  

Physical 100 Season 2 Premieres On 19 March 2024, Get Ready To Catch These Familiar Faces

As Physical 100 Season 2 premieres on 19 March 2024 on Netflix, it’s safe to say that we’re all seated and keeping our eyes peeled for these notable contestants. Will we get another Iron Man like Yun Sung Bin or another female wrestler with amazing leadership skills such as Jang Eun Sil? We can’t wait to find out. 

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