Skechers x Sailor Moon Crystal

Earlier this year, we saw the debut of the Skechers x Sailor Moon collaboration. Now, the two have come together again to create a new line-up of clothes for a Skechers x Sailor Moon Crystal collection. A reboot of the ’90s classic anime, Sailor Moon Crystal was introduced in 2014 with your favourite Sailor Scouts as the main characters.

While the previous collection had chunky sneakers, slides and clothes, the Sailor Moon Crystal collection features no footwear at all, focusing on hoodies, pullovers and graphic tees instead.


skechers sailor moon crystal shirts

This collection includes 4 designs in black and pastel colours to match your aesthetic. They all cost $49 each. The first design has a 3 by 3 grid featuring the main characters of the show. The bows and collars of the Sailor Scouts are all lined up, with Sailor Moon’s bow right in the middle. Luna and Artemis, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus’ guardian cats, also make an appearance.

Another design features the silhouettes of the 5 Sailor Scouts in their representative colours, with Sailor Moon sitting on a crescent moon in the middle.

sailor moon tuxedo man

The previous collection left out Tuxedo Man, who is better known as Sailor Moon’s love interest in the show. However, the masked hero shows up this time around in the form of a t-shirt design dedicated to the male lead.

If you’re not familiar with the other Sailor Scouts or Tuxedo Man, there is also a graphic tee with Sailor Moon posing in front of a classic ’90s anime background. It is even accompanied by the Sailor Moon Crystal logo to set it apart from the original Sailor Moon shirts.

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sailor moon crystal hoodie sweater

With this new collection, Skechers has also expanded its range by including pullovers and a hoodie for the little ones. The Girls’ Hoodie costs $59, and comes in both a light pink and yellow colourway as well as a light blue and bright pink palette. The pink and yellow combination is likely to represent Sailor Moon while the blue and bright pink combo might be a nod to Sailor Chibi Moon.

The grid design makes another appearance as a pullover in both pastel pink and a deep lavender shade. The Pullover retails for $49.

skechers sailor moon crystal pullovers

The Knit Oversized Pullover has a stripe that runs across the chest. You can spot Luna and Artemis sitting in a corner of the sweater, accompanying you wherever you go. It retails for $59.

Sailor Moon wears a sailor-style school uniform in her everyday life, which is common in Japan and is often seen in other animes. The Knit Dress looks similar to a sailor uniform and will set you back $69, so you too can get a taste of what it’s like to dress like an anime protagonist.

If you don’t have a little one or if you want the hoodie and pullovers for yourself, good news. They run from sizes S to XL, so you may just be able to fit into a sweater of your choice.

Skechers x Sailor Moon Crystal Has Hoodies, Pullovers And Graphic Tees

The sweaters are part of Skechers’ Girls Apparel line. They can be found at its stores in Bugis Junction and Jewel Changi Airport. You can find the t-shirts on Skecher’s Lazada and Shopee stores. All of the designs are already available for sale.

All images courtesy of Skechers Singapore.
Cover (background): City Of Gold Coast/Unsplash

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