Starbucks Korea Autumn Collection 2020

Now that it is the rainy season, nothing beats starting the day off with a warm cup of kopi. Starbucks Korea recently launched 2 charming autumn collections. They include a pastel pink kettle and autumn-themed stationery to make your WFH kopi ritual even more delightful.

Each collection features a cute animal, with the first including a bunny and the second with an emphasis on foxes. 

Bunny autumn collection

Starbucks Korea Autumn Collection Tumblers

Tumblers are Starbucks signature items, as they are almost always present in the coffee chain’s collections. The Autumn Animal Lid Glass on the left has lovable animal illustrations, perfect for those who love cute merchandise. 

The simple and clean pink SS Stanley Go Autumn Pink Vacuum, on the other hand, is a great option for minimalist individuals. 

Starbucks Korea Autumn Collection Kettles

Aside from Starbucks signature tumblers and mugs, this autumn collection also comprises a sleek pastel pink kettle and glass pitcher to lift your spirits while preparing your morning cuppa

Starbucks Korea Autumn Collection Accessories

This super-cute rabbit pouch will make even something as mundane as going to the bathroom to reapply your makeup more fun. For a more functional item, the bucket bag is great for a night out or as a travel pouch for a solo staycation in Singapore.

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Fox autumn collection

Starbucks Korea Autumn Collection Foxes

Compared to the bunny collection, the fox collection has fewer pastel tones and a more autumn-inspired colour palette. Since travelling overseas for leisure is still out of the question, the orange-hued tumblers and mugs will give you chill, autumn vibes in Singapore. 

Starbucks Autumn Collection with Foxes

Looking at the endearing Autumn Fox Dripper on the left will make waiting for your coffee to bloom less painful. The fox also appears on a tumbler and mug. The latter is extra adorable, with its tail making up the mug handle. 

Cute Bear and Bunny Cup

This Picnic Barista Figure Cold Cup serves as a sweet reminder to drink up. With the bear and bunny gazing at you, how could you resist not grabbing this cute cup? 

coffee and cherry blanket

Snuggle up in this Autumn Coffee Cherry Blanket when it pours outside while you’re working from home. 

Stationeries starbucks

WFH burnout is a real thing now, and you’re probably finding yourself spending long hours in front of the computer. The eye-catching design of both the Starbucks Autumn Masking Tape and Figure Pen Set will encourage you to go offline and have a  craft session every once in a while. 

Starbucks Korea’s Autumn Collection Will Make You Feel Like Its Fall in Singapore

Both of these Starbucks Korea autumn collections were previously only available in South Korea. However, the good news is that the bunny collection and fox collection are now both available on Shopee Singapore. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks Korea.

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