Starbucks Korea Luggage And Chairs

Though it’s undoubtedly summer for us Singaporeans all year round, other countries are only just stepping into the summer heat. For Summer 2020, Starbucks Korea has launched its own set of mini luggage and foldable chairs to satisfy our summertime camping needs—even if it’s just camping indoors.

Mini Luggage

starbucks korea luggage (5)

The Summer Ready Bag is a mini luggage with no wheels. You can carry it by the handles and easily store it anywhere from the boot of your car to your wardrobe. It is available in 2 colours, pink and green.


The mini luggage has a zippered compartment on one side and an open compartment on the other. For now, you can use it to transport your work-from-home essentials from your bedroom to your workstation. 

starbucks korea luggage (3)

The second Summer Ready Bag is in the same iconic green colour as the Starbucks logo. 

starbucks korea luggage (4)

The Starbucks siren logo is embossed on the body of both the pink and green Summer Ready Bags. The zips and side of the luggage also have the words “Starbucks” stamped onto them so you can flex the rare item from every angle. 

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Foldable Chairs

Named the Starbucks Summer Chair, these mini foldable chairs are small and lightweight, making it a portable chair for your camping needs.

starbucks korea luggage (1)

The chair comes in 3 versions, including Sky, with sky blue, white, yellow and grey horizontal stripes.

chair (1)

The Summer Chair in “Orange” leans more towards a bright red. While the back of the chair is a solid colour with the Starbucks mermaid logo, the front has red, green, blue and white vertical stripes.

chair (2)

The last Summer Chair in Green will be great for future camping adventures. You can prop this on the ground of your camping site or even in your living room as a quirky addition to your decor.

Starbucks Korea Luggage And Chairs Let You Experience Camping At Home

Unfortunately for now, the items are only available in Korea. However, if you’re looking to change up your interiors with the foldable chair from this collection, you might be interested in alternative decor items for your home office set-up.

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