Starbucks Reserve Roastery x Converse Japan 

Every year, Japan celebrates Tanabata, otherwise known as the Star Festival. It commemorates the annual meeting of star-crossed lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, deities who are represented by the stars Vega and Altair. In lieu of Tanabata this year on 7 July 2021, Starbucks Reserve Roastery, has collaborated with Converse Japan to launch a line of lifestyle merch inspired by the festival. 

For the uninitiated, Starbucks Reserve Roasteries are outlets which serve the brand’s rarer and more exclusive blends. Read on to find out what the Starbucks Reserve x Converse Japan Tanabata collection has in store.

Flower vase

Starbucks Reserve Converse Flower Vase


At first glance, these items look like your typical converse shoes, albeit with a little more shine thanks to its iridescent effect.


However, each shoe is in fact a ceramic flower vase. An additional glass coating is applied to the vase to give it extra sheen, making it a quirky decorative piece to give your home some additional flair. 

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Cups and Mugs 

Starbucks Reserve Converse Mug


Of course, it won’t be a Starbucks collection without any drinkware. How else would you drink your coffee? This mug’s blue colour is inspired by the night sky illuminated by the Milky Way. Tiny silver stars are printed on the interior as well, giving you a little visual treat every time you take a sip. 


For glassware lovers, you’ll definitely be satisfied by this piece. Its pink tinge will add a spot of colour to your daily cuppa.

Apparel and Accessories 

Starbucks Reserve Converse Apparel


The Starbucks Reserve x Converse Japan Tanabata collection has plenty of apparel and accessories to add to your wardrobe too. 

Starbucks Reserve Converse Bucket Bag


This canvas bucket bag sports a denim blue exterior with just enough storage for a sunny day out with pals. The starry night detail extends inside of the bag, complemented by the all-black body of the interior. Among the prints, Vega and Altair, the stars which inspired the festival, are present too.


If you want to flex a tai tai style, then these mismatched gold earrings are just the jewellery for you. Plus, the studs can be worn reversibly so you can rep the 2 brands when pearls get too boring for you. 


Truly embodying the spirit of the festival is the Starbucks Roastery x Converse Japan bandana. Its prints are inspired by the lore of the festival. The mass of stars in the middle represents the Milky Way which separates the 2 deities, represented by the respective brand logos.

Starbucks Reserve Converse T-shirts


Staying true to the planetary theme with the orbital rings are the t-shirts, available in blue and black.

This Starbucks Roastery x Converse Japan Collection Is Astronomically Chio 

With its star motifs that capitalise on both brand’s logos, the Starbucks Roastery x Converse Japan collection certainly captures the spirit of Tanabata. 

The collection retails starting from ¥2,530 (~S$30.79). For more information, you can visit Converse Japan’s website. Unfortunately, the merch is only available for physical purchase at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery store in Tokyo for now. Let’s hope the Starbucks Reserve outlets in Singapore come through with exclusive merch soon too. 

In the meantime, Starbucks junkies here in Singapore can check out the freshly dropped Heritage Collection.

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