Starbucks Heritage Collection 

Starbucks has no doubt been keeping busy around Asia – look no further than the Starbucks Father’s Day collection in China. However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen some merch releases from the beloved coffee brand in Singapore. Well, that wait is over, because the franchise is back in full swing with their new Starbucks Heritage collection. 

The collection, as described by the brand, pays “homage to Starbucks’ heritage and commitment to a more sustainable future”. Read on to find out more about the freshly roasted Starbucks Heritage collection and the designs of the drinkware.

The collection 

Starbucks Heritage Collection Items

Starbucks collectors here in Singapore are in for a treat because the Starbucks Heritage Collection comprises 20 different pieces of drinkware and merch. The pieces are meant to depict the “bean to cup” story, a celebration of the long journey and labour taken to produce the coffee we enjoy today. 

Coffee cherry 

Starbucks Heritage Collection Cherry Mug

TIL, coffee beans are actually the seeds of fruits known as coffee cherries. Hands up if you were ignorant like me. Jokes aside, the collection includes the Coffee Cherry Mug, that strongly resembles the shape of the fruits coffee beans begin growing in. 

The mug costs $29.90 and has a 3oz capacity, just nice to store a shot of espresso in.

Coffee tree 

Drinkware in the Coffee Tree Series follow similar design schemes – a cream body with a spot of orange to visualise coffee cherries growing on the trees. 

Starbucks Heritage Collection Coffee Tree

Aside from the cream body suited for minimalists, the items in this range also sport wooden elements to enhance the chio factor. 

Included in the Coffee Tree Series is a mug, a transparent glass, a canister and a plate which retail for $28.90, $29.90, $39.90 and $49.90 respectively.

Blooming cherries

Starbucks Heritage Collection Cold Brew Maker

Once the trees have grown sufficiently, it’s time to reap the fruits of labour and see the coffee cherries bloom. 

The Blooming Cherries series boasts a Cold Brew Maker, ideal for starting WFH mornings. If you need caffeine on the go, opt for the stainless steel tumbler. They are available for $63.90 and $50.90 respectively. 

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Hues and Green series

Starbucks Heritage Collection Cold Cups

Cold Cups are a staple in most merch collections and the Starbucks Heritage Collection is no exception. While the earlier pieces we’ve mentioned have a more muted palette, the Cold Cups in the Hues and Green series are a burst of colour. We only hope the pink cup won’t trigger anyone’s trypophobia. 

From left to right, the Cold Cups retail for $26.90 and $39.90.

With luscious greens on the designs, these tumblers and bottles are perfect for iced coffees to cool down on sweltering afternoons. 

From left to right, the drinkware costs $45.90, $24.90, $27.90 and $33.90.

Coffee story  

The Coffee Story series encompasses the whole process of making the drinks we enjoy today. From growing and picking the cherries to producing coffee beans, it’ll make you appreciate your next latté or macchiato even more. 

Plus, this pastel stainless steel Cold Cup comes with a sealable lid, meaning you can keep it in your backpack without worrying about spillage. It retails for $39.90.

Coffee grounds 

To end the trip down a cup of coffee’s life cycle, there’s the special Cold Cup and tumbler made from recycled coffee grounds. If you recall, Starbucks did the same thing with their collaboration with Herschel Supply Co. earlier this year. Looks like the coffee brand’s commitment to sustainability is here to stay. 

You can cop the recycled coffee ground Cold Cup for $23.90 and the tumbler for $25.90.

Tote bag 

Starbucks Heritage Collection Tote Bag

Rounding out the Starbucks Heritage Collection is the farm-to-coffee tote bags. It’s graphic can be likened to a summary of the coffee production story. All parts of the process are represented: the trees, cherries, beans and finally the cup of coffee. 

The tote bag retails for $19.90.

Starbucks x Baby Milo 

Outside of the Starbucks Heritage collection, the coffee brand has also recently teamed up with Japanese fashion brand, A Bathing Ape (BAPE). If you’re looking for something to protect your precious Starbucks Gold Card, then this cardholder and lanyard featuring the BAPE mascot, Baby Milo, is a fitting choice. 

The lanyard and cardholder are available for $24.90.

The Starbucks Heritage Collection Is Anything But “Bean” There Done That

With a whopping 20 items to choose from, the Starbucks Heritage collection has something for all fans of the brand. The collection is now available for purchase at physical Starbucks stores. For the homebodies, you can also cop the collection online via Starbucks Singapore’s flagship Shopee Mall or LazMall stores. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore. 

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