Sustainable Mahjong Set 

Don’t you just love the weekends? You finally get to take a breather from the hectic week together with your lepak squad in the best way possible: playing countless rounds of mahjong indoors. And while I’m sure many mahjong pros are already aware of the cool, alternative mahjong sets available out there, this one will most definitely appeal to eco-friendly warriors too.

A collaborative effort from Editecture, Edit the brand and Zou Mat, this mahjong set is not only super chio, but 100% biodegradable as well. From the fabric tiles to the timber wood case and table, this set celebrates the game in its most traditional form, with a unique upcycled twist. 

Mahjong set

tiber wood mahjong

The mahjong set is packed neatly into a case handmade entirely from timber wood. The craftsmanship of the case is made to mirror what was used in the most original form of the game. The orange detailing on the handle, front and closing clasps also gives the design a subtle pop of colour. 

wooden mahjong set

When the case is open, it reveals the game pieces and tiles, arranged in a series of individual compartments, that replicate a traditional Chinese chest of drawers. 

fabric mahjong pieces

The material used to create the tiles come from discarded garments and waste fabric which is repurposed into off-white pieces, with bits of the coloured fabric visible on each tile. This means that every single piece is one-of-a-kind. 

The dice and tokens are also made of wood, similar to the case, with the tokens colour-coded with different shades of timber, giving the entire set an almost rustic feel. 

Table and chairs 

orange mahjong table

In addition to the mahjong set itself, there’s also a table and chairs designed to match the same aesthetic.  

wooden mahjong table and chairs

The table, unlike the green versions we’re familiar with, is lined with bright orange fabric and wooden finishes. In addition, the brands also designed a chair complete with an elaborate arch back, which is also made from more sustainable materials like wood and what appears to be rattan. 

recycled mahjong set

Similar to regular mahjong tables, this one has drawers for you to store your chips and circular fixtures on the corners that you can use to place your drinks, phone or even snacks. 

ode to mahjong

In its entirety, the set, table and chairs are part of an exhibit titled Ode to Mahjong in Hong Kong, as a collaborative effort to celebrate the history of the game. The creation of the set also aims to combat the wasteful nature of the fashion industry, with 30kg of recycled fabric used in the project. 

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While the set is not available for purchase currently, you can alternatively check out this automatic mahjong table for your next game night. 

If and when this sustainable mahjong set is on sale, it’ll definitely have you pong-ing your way through the night, while also having you and your kakis assured that you’re contributing a small part in saving Mother Earth.

All images courtesy of Editecture.

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