UNIQLO Love Birds UTme! Collection

We don’t blame you if your wardrobe mainly consists of apparel from UNIQLO ‒ they are always on the frontline of fashion with trendy puffy bags and exclusive UT collections. Now, to prepare you for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, UNIQLO has released an adorable Love Birds UTme! collection that showcases the five love languages.  

The collection

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In collaboration with local illustrator Berry Winkle, the Love Birds collection features three adorable characters ‒ Duck Boi, Pigeon Boi, and Crow Boi. Each of them stands out with a unique personality, highlighting their innate love for bread, berries, and sparkly items respectively.  


Since UNIQLO allows you to create your own unique T-shirt with any illustrations that fall under their UTme! series, you can also do the same with these cute characters.  

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Instead of giving flowers, Duck Boi performs acts of service by presenting you with a bouquet of baguettes. It seems as if the bird just completed grocery shopping, making sure that you have enough food to sustain you throughout the day. 

If heartfelt letters hit you right in the feels, your love language might just be words of affirmation. The Pigeon Boi illustration expresses love by delivering a letter, perfectly showcasing how words can easily touch a person. 

You’d know that someone is seriously in love with you when they give you their most prized possession. Check out Crow Boi, which surprises you with a diamond ring, expressing its sincerity through the love language of gift giving. 

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Nothing beats spending quality time with your partner. Express your gratitude to your significant other with an endearing illustration featuring Pigeon Boi and Crow Boi gardening together.

Alternatively, if a warm hug or a playful kiss instantly lifts your spirits, celebrate physical touch as your love language with an illustration of Duck Boi and Pigeon Boi embracing each other. 

And for those who are a fan of all three characters, have them on a T-shirt with an illustration that features each of them against a pastel backdrop. 

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In addition to the aforementioned illustrations, customers can also redeem a free blind bag keychain for every receipt spent on UTme! Love Birds designs. The keychains are given out randomly, and given the limited quantities available – make sure to run, don’t walk. 

Make Valentine’s Day More Special When You Gift Bae With The UNIQLO’s Love Birds UTme! Collection

While many Singaporeans tend to associate Valentine Day’s with expensive flowers and gifts, you don’t need to break the bank to impress bae. Instead, express your love for your other half by creating T-shirts with UNIQLO’s new Love Birds UTme! collection. 

Note that UNIQLO’s UTme! service is only available at UNIQLO Orchard Central Global Flagship Store and Bugis+. More information can be found on UNIQLO’s official website

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