UNIQLO Puffy Bags

For those who are up to date with the latest fashion trends in Singapore, the iconic UNIQLO round mini shoulder bag may be familiar to you. It’s stylish and has an excellent storage capacity, proving to be the perfect must-have travel bag for many ladies. 

With the popularity of the round mini shoulder bag, it seems like UNIQLO is levelling up their accessories game once again. Come end February 2024, UNIQLO is introducing a new faux leather puffy bag, available in three classy colours.

The bags

Puffer bags have been the latest in item since 2023, with brands such as The Paper Bunny, Beyond The Vines and even Starbucks releasing hot designs that sell out within hours

Now, UNIQLO is releasing their take on the puffer bag trend, created with soft faux leather and is padded for a premium puffy look.

UNIQLO Puffy Bags
While most trendy puffer bags tend to be small, the UNIQLO puffy bag is large enough to fit a 13-inch laptop. With two interior compartments that provide plenty of storage space, this bag is practical for any occasion, no matter if it’s for business or casual wear.

The bag comes with a strap and gusset made with thick material to ensure comfort while carrying it on your shoulder. 

Not to worry about stains if the white bag caught your eye — since it’s made of faux leather, you’re able to wipe-clean the bag without damaging it, for easy care.

UNIQLO Puffy Bags

Apart from white, the bag is also available in black and olive to suit your preferences. It retails at an affordable price at $39.90 each, so you don’t have to break the bank while staying in trend.

The New UNIQLO Puffy Bag Is The Perfect Accessory For Both Business & Casual Wear

The new UNIQLO puffy bags will be available online and in limited UNIQLO stores in Singapore. So for those who enjoy staying ahead of fashion trends, it’s time to mark this release date down in your calendar and get your hands on these new bags ASAP.

Head over to UNIQLO’s website for more information. 

All images courtesy of UNIQLO.

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