UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

The last time we were treated to a collaboration featuring Peanuts, it was the FDMTL collection for an exclusive release at 7-Eleven. Good news for fans of the gang ‒ UNIQLO is dropping a Peanuts Holiday collection with cosy home items like cushions, fleece blankets and room shoes. 


It is already September in a blink of an eye, so we aren’t that far away from the holiday season. To help you get into the spirit early, the Peanuts Holiday Collection comes with soft cushions in the design of characters like Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown. 

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

Taking after the shape of its head, the Woodstock cushion comes in yellow with a quote on the back that reads “What a beautiful day”. Plus, his close friendship with Snoopy can also be seen via the motif of them above the quote. 

There are times when we feel downright shitty at the end of the day, but stay positive with this Charlie Brown cushion. Not only will his goofy face put a smile on you, but the quote on the back “Today wasn’t all bad…” and a motif of him with Snoopy snuggling in bed will also lift your spirits. 

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

Dog owners will definitely understand the happiness when your pet runs towards you for a hug, similar to how this Snoopy cushion provides warmth. The back side shows how Charlie Brown and Snoopy are sharing a hug with the quote that reads “Happiness is a warm puppy”. 

Each cushion retails at RM$59.90 (~S$18.60). 

Fleece blankets

Humid weather in Singapore might be the norm, but there are days when we just want to cuddle up and stay warm at home. Prepare yourself for those chilly days with one of these fleece blankets from the collection. 

Comic lovers can consider this fleece blanket in brown with actual comic strips that feature characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and Linus. As the blanket also comes with snap fasteners, you can have it wrapped around your shoulders like a poncho to keep you warm. 

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

The next design features an episode of the comic called “Good of Charlie Brown” where you can see the Peanuts gang except for Charlie Brown seated in front of the television. Unlike the previous fleece blanket, this one comes in a cool blue colourway.  

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

Make yourself even comfier when you nua at home with this fleece blanket. The design features motifs of stars, a sleeping Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and a quote that reads “I need plenty of rest in case tomorrow is a good day” ‒ a very relatable sentence to tired individuals.

Each fleece blanket has dimensions of 134cm x 80cm and retails at RM$79.90 (~S$24.90).  

Fleece room shoes

Removing your shoes before heading inside your house is common in Singapore, but instead of staying barefoot, keep your tootsies warm with these fleece room shoes.  

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

Decked in cream and taupe, the Snoopy fleece room shoes feature embroideries of Snoopy’s face but with different facial expressions. As the outer soles are made with synthetic rubber, rest assured you won’t slip and fall while wearing them.  

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

Motivate yourself with this pair of Charlie Brown fleece room shoes that come with an inspirational quote “This has been a good day”. In contrast to the front section of the shoes that comes in navy, the back is in white.

UNIQLO Peanuts Holiday Collection

Similar to the above fleece room shoes, this one with Woodstock design comes in two colourways, dark brown and pink. They also double as a friendship gift for your BFF as it features an embroidery quote that reads “It’s good to have a friend” on the top. 

Each pair of fleece room shoes retails at RM$39.90 (~S$12.40).

Get Ready For The Holiday Season With UNIQLO’s Peanuts Holiday Collection

As much as we like to get our hands on this UNIQLO’s Peanuts Holiday Collection now, they are currently available only in Malaysia. Fingers crossed that they will come to Singapore soon so Peanuts lovers can enjoy them ASAP. In the meantime, find out more information about the collection on UNIQLO Malaysia’s official website

All images courtesy of UNIQLO Malaysia.  

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