White Rabbit Candy Accessories

Growing up in Singapore comes with many perks, and one of them includes the ability to enjoy a variety of snacks like gem biscuits and White Rabbit candies. If you’re a fan of the milk candy like me, you might be interested to know that there are White Rabbit-themed accessories, such as claw clips and bags, for you to add a sweet touch to your look. 

The accessories

Created by illustrator Jeana, the White Rabbit accessories collection was put together thanks to the fond memories she has had of the candy since she was young. 


As explained in her Kickstarter campaign, Jeana was inspired to design a bag that is fun, has a unique shape, and can be styled in multiple ways. This gave birth to the creation of the Candy Ita Bag, which is shaped like a piece of sweet, and has elements from the White Rabbit candy wrapper, such as the blue star motifs and red stripes. 


Since Jeana is involved in the design and production of the bag from scratch, she ensures that the bag is of the highest quality. For instance, the bag is made of durable, vegan PU leather. 

Other interesting features include an ITA window, which is a see-through section for displaying your collectibles, a gold foil stamped logo on the front, and removable and adjustable straps. 

The Candy ITA Bag is available for pre-order at USD$60 (~S$81.80).

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To complement the Candy ITA bag, Jeane also designed a White Rabbit Candy Wallet in the shape of a candy. It opens up to reveal cardholder slots on each side, and even has a slim pocket for storing cash and coins. This kawaii wallet will no doubt have heads turning when you take it out to pay your bills.  

The White Rabbit is available for pre-order at USD$19 (~S$25.90). 

White Rabbit Candy AccessoriesFrom left: White Rabbit Hoodie with candy pockets, White Rabbit Hoodie with chest logo

Another highlight of Jeana’s products is the White Rabbit Hoodie, available in two variations. Both designs are almost identical, with one featuring candy pockets, and the other showcasing a White Rabbit logo on the chest.

Differences aside, the hoodie definitely brings out a cutesy side of you, thanks to the red and blue candy drawstrings, and rabbit motifs on the sleeves. 

The White Rabbit Hoodie with candy pockets and White Rabbit Hoodie with chest logo are available for pre-order at USD$66 (~S$90) each. 

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Walk along Singapore streets, and you’ll spot many girls using claw clips aka kiap kiap to style their hair. Instead of opting for a plain, boring one, consider the White Rabbit claw clip, which instantly adds a dose of cuteness to your overall look. Similar to the aforementioned designs, the claw clip features motifs of white rabbits, and is shaped like a candy. 

Since the White Rabbit claw clip is not yet available for pre-order, interested folks may want to keep an eye out for updates by Jeana. 

These White Rabbit Accessories Are Adorable & One-Of-A-Kind

With these adorable White Rabbit accessories, chances are, folks who can’t resist cute items will probably spiral down the rabbit hole even more. The good news is that Jeana also offers international shipping services to Singapore, so you can snag the White Rabbit accessories easily. 

To support and purchase Jeana’s items, visit her Kickstarter page

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