Places To Buy Winter Clothes In Singapore

Is it just me or does Singapore seem to get hotter and hotter? Simply stepping outside an air-conditioned room for more than five minutes makes me sweat buckets.

For a respite from the relentless heat, I’m sure many of us are aching to travel somewhere wintery and cold. But, going on a winter vacay means you’ll need to dress the part to keep warm and look glam. To give you some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 10 places to buy winter clothes in Singapore. 


What kind of clothes should you wear during winter? 

For effective insulation, you’ll want a set of thermal innerwear as well as sweaters made of fleece or wool. Top off your outfit with a puffer jacket or trench coat for extra warmth. 

The kind of outerwear that you should wear depends on the weather. For days with heavy snow, it’s best to wear a waterproof down jacket and on cooling days, a trench coat or thin puffer jacket will do.

How many layers of clothing should you wear in winter? 

The number of layers of clothing you should wear in winter depends on the temperature. Typically, it is recommended to wear three layers of clothing a set of thermal innerwear, a sweater, and a jacket – for temperatures below 20°C.

If you’re paranoid about getting too cold, there’s no harm in wearing additional layers of clothes. Just make sure that each layer is easy to remove so you can take them off when you feel warm again

Where to buy winter clothes in Singapore?

Here are 10 places to buy winter clothes in Singapore:

Store name Location Shipping fee
Columbia Changi
Decathlon Find the full list of physical stores here $2.90, free for orders over $79.90
LilySilk Free
Lululemon Changi, Harbourfront, Katong, Orchard, and Marina Bay Sands  Free
Moncler Marina Bay Sands Free
Muji  Find the full list of physical stores here $6.90, free for orders over $50
The North Face Jurong
Uniqlo Find the full list of physical stores here $6, free for orders over $60
Wintertime Changi, Chinatown, Jurong, Marine Parade, and Yishun $10, free for orders over $50
Zara Changi, Harbourfront,  Orchard, and Marina Bay Sands $5.90, free for orders over $79

1. Columbia – Eco-Friendly Winter Jackets 

Source, Source

Columbia is an outdoor clothing company that specialises in camping gear and ski apparel. That being said, their winter jackets are one of a kind, since they are incorporated with various types of waterproof technologies. 

For example, their omni-tech 3D collection is both waterproof and breathable, to maximise comfort in mild rain and snow. For those travelling to somewhere with harsher weather, their OutDry Extreme Eco jackets are made out of 100% recycled fabric that will protect you against heavy rain and snow. 

If you’re not sure which jacket suits your needs, Columbia has an online quiz that’ll suggest different jackets, shoes, and pants based on your answers.

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, #02-241, Jewel Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
Contact: Chat with Columbia’s chatbot here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Decathlon – Affordable Winter Wear

Women’s Ski Winter Jacket 100 – Pink (left)
Source, Source

Beside a large range of sporting equipment, Decathlon also carries a plethora of winter essentials. From accessories like gloves, mittens, and neck warmers, to apparel like down jackets and thermal innerwear, Decathlon probably sells whatever winter needs you think of. 

What’s more, Decathlon’s winter apparel is pretty affordable. For $59.90, you can purchase their Women’s Ski Winter Jacket 100 which can keep you warm in temperatures down to -8°C

Shipping fee: $2.90, free for orders over $79.90
Address: Find the full list of physical stores here
Contact: Email
Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. LilySilk – Sweaters Made From Merino Wool

From left: Oversized Merino Wool Sweater with Slit Sleeves, Double-faced Wool-blend Robe Coat
Source, Source

Trench coats are a must if you want to look trendy in winter. While some trench coats may be too thin to withstand the biting cold, LilySilk’s trench coats are made of a cashmere-merino wool blend that not only keeps the wearer warm, but is also more durable than pure cashmere and softer than pure merino wool. Talk about getting the best of both worlds. 

LilySilk also offers a range of sweaters made out of merino wool for you to layer and style. FYI, merino wool is naturally odour-resistant, so you can rewear your sweaters on your trip and save luggage space.

Shipping fee: Free
Contact: Fill up the enquiry form here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Lululemon – Winter Wear For Jogs 

From left: Down and Around Jacket, Warm Revelation Beanie
Source, Source

Check out Lululemon’s winter collection if you’re planning on jogging while on your trip. Powered by ThermoChannel construction — a technology that creates channels of sustainably sourced, 700-fill-power goose down insulation — Lululemon’s down jackets are made to evenly distribute warmth while staying lightweight, so you can jog till your heart’s content without worrying about the cold. 

Lululemon also sells many types of puffer jackets. Take your pick from cropped, hip-length, or long jackets. 

Shipping fee: Free
Address: Find the full list of physical stores here
Contact: Call 3138 5417
Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Moncler – Customised Down Jackets 

From left: Maire Short Down Jacket, Down-Filled Neck Warmer
Source, Source

Moncler is a French luxury fashion brand. Though their jackets come at a hefty price — over $2,000 for one — they are filled with down and feathers in a ratio of 9:1, making them one of the most effective insulators on the market. 

The brand also sells customisable winter jackets. On their website, you can choose what colours you want the front, back, hood, lining, and sleeves of your jacket to be. What’s more, you can even add a monogram to your jacket to truly make it yours.

Shipping fee: Free
Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-141, Singapore 018972
Contact: Fill in the enquiry form here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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6. Muji – Compressible Down Jackets 

Lightweight Pocketable Collarless Down Jacket, Lightweight Pocketable Collarless Down Jacket (left)
Source, Source

It’s no surprise that Muji also sells winter clothes. I mean, the Japanese retail brand basically has everything from homeware to beauty products.

Muji’s winter apparel doesn’t disappoint with their minimalist and compact design. What’s fascinating is their Lightweight Pocketable Collarless Jackets that can be folded into their own inner pockets to be stored without taking up too much space.

The Lightweight Pocketable Collarless Down Jacket retails at $69, making it cheaper than a lot of the other down jackets on the market.

Shipping fee: $6.90, free for orders over $50
Address: Find the full list of physical stores here
Contact: Email
Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. The North Face – Worn By Popular Celebrities 

From left: White Label Down Jacket, Women’s Sierra Mid Lace Waterproof Boots
Source, Source

Winter jackets from The North Face are always trending on social media platforms like Pinterest. Throughout the years, numerous celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been spotted in them, highlighting their timelessness and chic look

Additionally, The North Face’s down jackets are insulated with exclusive, high-fill-power goose down ranging from 550 to 900 fill — which is the highest quality of down commercially available. 

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-05, IMM, Singapore 609601
Contact: Call 6256 6334
Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Uniqlo – Three Types Of Insulated Innerwear


If you’re looking for high-quality thermal innerwear, Uniqlo has three types for you to choose from — Regular, Extra Warm, and Ultra Warm. Each type of innerwear provides a different level of insulation. 

Besides thermal innerwear, Uniqlo also sells puffer jackets, scarves, and sweaters. For winter outfits inspiration, you can check out Uniqlo’s online winter capsule closet.

Shipping fee: $6, free for orders over $60
Address: Find the full list of physical stores here
Contact: Chat with Uniqlo’s Chatbot here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Wintertime – One-Stop Shop For Winter Essentials 

From left: Ladies Woolmax Crew Neck Set, Ladies Heatpro Crew Neck Shirt
Source, Source

If you’re looking to buy all your vacation necessities in one shopping trip, then check out Wintertime. Besides winter apparel, they even sell luggage and hand creams so you don’t need to visit multiple stores. 

Wintertime offers two types of winter jackets: parka and down parka. Those travelling somewhere with temperatures from 5°C to -30°C should invest in a down parka jacket whereas those travelling to places with milder temperatures will do fine with a parka jacket which is thinner and cheaper.

Shipping fee: $10, free for orders over $50
Address: Find the full list of physical stores here
Contact: Fill in the enquiry form here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Zara – Large Range Of Options 

From left: Longline Belted Wool Blend Coat, Long Reversible Puffer Anorak
Source, Source

Zara’s always releasing new collections to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, making them the perfect store to go to for stylish winter wear. From leather boots and jeans, to trench coats and puffer jackets, they have everything you’ll need to curate a winter outfit that’s worth showing off on your Instagram page.

Furthermore, Zara frequently holds sales so keep an eye out for them to save some bucks. 

Shipping fee: $5.90, free for orders over $79
Address: Find the full list of physical stores here
Contact: Chat with Zara’s chatbot here
Website | Facebook | Instagram

How do you take care of winter clothes?

Before washing your winter clothes, check their tags for cleaning instructions. You should air dry your winter clothes instead of using a dryer to make sure that they don’t shrink — so they can last multiple holidays

Wool and knitted apparel should also be hand washed and kept away from harsh chemicals to protect their seams. 

Lastly, store your winter clothes with a moisture absorbent to prevent moulding. 

These Places To Buy Winter Clothes In Singapore Will Let You Stay Warm & Fashionable Overseas

For those planning to go on a winter holiday this year, check out the stores in this list of places to buy winter clothes in Singapore. Whatever the time of year, it’s better to be prepared than be left looking for clothes at the last minute. 

Hopefully this list will be able to help you find clothes stylish enough for your #OOTDs

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