Top Instagram Influencers In Singapore

Whether it’s fashion or travel, many of us crave the opportunity to indulge in life’s little luxuries. As an average Singaporean, I often find myself living vicariously through my favourite Instagram influencers. 

Us ordinary folk would struggle with making sure our IG feeds aren’t ruined by an unglam for our hundreds of followers to see, but this list of Singaporean influencers don’t break a sweat actively curating content for their 116k followers. NGL, that’s a super impressive feat. 

We have compiled a list of 10 top Singaporean Instagram influencers thatve made waves online with their social presence.

1. Naomi Neo – 783K followers


You might recognise her from TikTok but the OG fans will remember her from her blogging days and her early career in YouTube. With a whopping 783k followers on Instagram, her feed is full of random snippets and snapshots of her life ― from her gigantic house tour to her cheeky family dynamic. The prominent figure also recently threw a $20,000 birthday bash for her daughter, Zyla. 

After being featured on multiple videos with fellow YouTuber JianHao Tan and advertisements with Shopee, Naomi Neo has solidified her place as the most well-known influencer in Singapore. Now a mom of two and a successful entrepreneur of not one but two brands, Nnchanted and Nnpower, Naomi is a role model and inspiration for generations to come. 

2. Jade Rasif – 510k followers


As the first runner-up in the New Paper New Face pageant in 2013 and a NUS Psychology degree graduate, Jade Rasif is the true definition of beauty and brains. With 510k Instagram followers under her belt, she is the inspiration for many girls and guys in Singapore. 

Shes also known for her expert DJ skills, earning her the title of being the highest-paid DJ on our little Red Dot. Apart from her other stints in acting and hosting on the talk show, Just Saying, the influencer has been the voice for many during tough times ― often standing up for various societal issues and being a strong support for young teenagers.

3. Debbie Soon – 437k followers


If you grew up watching JianHao Tan’s videos, youll be well-acquainted with Debbie Soon. Married to one of Singapore’s OG YouTubers since 2019, she has since appeared in various Titan Digital Media videos such as Ladies First and was the main star of Expecting Soon which documented her pregnancy journey. The young mum occasionally posts hilarious IG reels of her husband and daughter on the ‘gram. 

Apart from having 437k followers on her Instagram, Debbie runs a successful fashion jewellery business called The Starry Co. which specialises in affordable diamond accessories. She also runs her daughter’s Instagram account which shows how much she dotes on her child ― super sweet.

4. Soh Pei Shi – 340k followers


YouTuber Pei Shi has been one of SG’s most beloved influencers since her humble beginnings as a blogger. The 27yearold opened up to us before about her past struggles with bullying and dating, but these challenges didn’t dampen her bright and bubbly spirit.

She mainly documents her scenic travels, clothing reviews and try-ons in her vlogs, IG posts and reels, and her content is 100% wholesome.

Pei Shi also does acting on the side with small roles in the film Everybody’s Business and appears frequently on multiple variety shows such as Mimi Shop. Through these opportunities, she got a chance to meet K-pop idols 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Winner’s Kang Seung Yoon. 

Having appeared on JianHao Tan’s videos a couple of times and amassing 370k followers on Instagram, this beauty and fashion content creator has captivated many of her fans with her bright smile and zest for life.

5. Mongchin Yeoh – 287k followers


Mongchin, or most famously known by her moniker Mongabong, burst onto the scene as a blogshop model when she was a university student. This SMU Accountancy graduate has since evolved into a full-fledged social media content creator of fashion, beauty and travel. 

As a content creator with a large fanbase, the line between work and personal life can often be blurry. What Mongchin did was to set clear boundaries, and this was evident in her refusing to let sponsorship deals into her wedding

Since the birth of her baby boy, Micah, she’s been taking her 287k followers on her motherhood journey and continues to create travel, beauty and lifestyle content.

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6. Aurelia Ng – 270k followers


Aurelia Ng, also known as Aurelia Hathaway, is a familiar face to most of us who grew up watching Night Owl Cinematics on YouTube. Other than pulling her weight as a talent and host, this influencer is every girl’s fitspiration. She bypassed 271k followers on Instagram and actively posts snippets of her travels, workout routines and new sport endeavours like golf. Let’s not forget that 2021 boxing tournament that she won against Hayley Lee. We love a fashion icon who keeps fit and healthy.

7. Saffron Sharpe – 189k followers


Saffron Sharpe, also known as the “holoq holoq” girl, has a spunky and straightforward personality that many young Singaporeans can relate to. Her candid and unfiltered stories about her personal experiences help her to connect with her audience on a deeper level. 

With a following of 189k, this fellow New Paper New Face pageant alumni often posts fashion-related and travel content. With her laid-back nature and flair for style, Saffron has made her mark as one of Singapore’s most influential content creators having collaborated with brands such as KYDRA, Kora Organics and Sephora. She is also a part of the panel for the YouTube talk show alongside Jade Rasif, Just Saying where they discuss a wide range of topics, from spicy controversial and R21 content ― rest assured you’ll be very entertained.

8. Jasmine Lee – 152k followers


This recent NUS graduate had a great role in various Titan Media videos as a talent and actress. Other than playing Jas in Class T1T5 of the Titan Academy sketches, she also has had hosting gigs for the talk show “Ladies First” and podcast Girl Code, which tackles issues and discusses topics such as dating and relationships. 

She is also known for her youthful looks, trendy sense of style and exceptional makeup skills that she flaunts in many of her IG pictures. Now an associate consultant at a software company, she still actively creates content as a fashion and lifestyle influencer.

9. Mae Tan – 140k followers


You might recognise this edgy IT girl from Netflix’s Singapore Social, but you may not know that Mae Tan was named one of Singapore’s Most Stylish Women in 2016 by Harper’s Bazaar. This 29yearold has a big passion for style and a 140k-strong following on Instagram. Most of her posts feature her in fashionable streetwear.

She previously held the position of creative manager at her family’s business boutique, Surrender, which specialises in niche luxury and streetwear labels. This chic trendsetter has a vision for Singaporeans to become more experimental and expressive in their fashion sense.  

Fun fact: she used to be part of the 2013 travel web series, Miss Korea. She was only 19 years old when she stayed in Korea for two months on a given budget ― we stan an adventurous soul.

10. Xenia Tan – 116k followers


Some of you might recognise Xenia from her time at theSmartLocal where she played talent and host in productions like “The $100 Dollar Nomad”, “Hired or Fired” and “The Algorithm” which also features her now-husband, Shawn Thia. She’s since gone on to star in local TV dramas like Kin.

With 116k followers on Instagram, Xenia’s outgoing personality has won over the hearts of many fans, and she also champions and has open conversations on the topic of mental health. Her courage to tackle uncomfortable topics is something that we all can definitely admire.

BTW, her adorable proposal video that went viral on TikTok really does make you believe that love still exists.

Bonus: Zula & Other KOLS

Aside from the top followed creators on Instagram, brands also commonly use media platforms. ZULA is the leading female lifestyle brand in Singapore, known for their popular ZULA Spotted and ZULA styles segments on Instagram and TikTok.


Can we find a BF to make his GF *blush* – literally? 🤔 Head to Bugis+ & Sephora to level up your makeup game for future dates! #ZulaStyles #sgbeauty

♬ original sound – ZULA – ZULA

Whether it’s trying the latest trending dry shampoo – the video has amassed over 224K views at time of writing BTW, or finding the hottest style fits in the crowd in their Zula Spotted series, you’ll definitely be entertained scrolling for hours.

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These Top 10 Singaporean Influencers Are Slaying  Instagram With Their Flawless Feeds

With their aesthetically-pleasing feeds, it’s hard not to be drawn to these influencers’ charms. They are slaying the social media game and making their marks on many Singaporeans with their passion for life and impeccable style. 

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