StayReal x Crayon Shin Chan

Many fashion collaborations this year have been related to characters from our childhood, like the Levi’s Hello Kitty 2020 collection and Vans x The Simpsons. The latest character you’ll be able to pay homage to is Crayon Shin Chan, courtesy of Taiwanese streetwear brand StayReal.

The best part is, the brand ships to Singapore. So, let’s take a look at the designs before you start adding them to cart.

Sweaters and hoodies  

stayreal crayon shin chan sweater

With Singapore due for its usual bout of sweater weather soon, it’s time to bust out your sweaters and hoodies. Why not show your love for the mischievous Japanese cartoon character while you’re at it?

The pullover on the left has a box of Chocobi snacks on the pocket area, with Crayon Shin Chan’s head peeking out of it as he’s mid-chew. The sweater comes in red or black, and is retailing for NT$1,680 (~S$79.32). If you want to rep Shin Chan loud and proud, the colour block sweater on the right has his face splashed across the front. It is going for NT$2,080 (~S$98.20).

stayreal crayon shin chan hoodie

The sweater on the left is a nod to the lovable character’s name. It features Shin Chan colouring in the StayReal logo, accompanied by Shiro (aka Xiaobai). The design comes in black or white, to make Shin Chan’s artwork stand out. There are 3 other pullover designs, so you can collect a sweater for every day of the week. The sweaters cost NT$2,080 (~S$98.20).

Layered outfits have always been popular, but aren’t exactly practical in Singapore. Now, you can style your OOTD with both Shin Chan and Shiro, without having to suffer for it. The long sleeves are sewn into the short-sleeved hoodie for a casual and cool look. This hoodie is priced at NT$2.280 (~S$107.65).


stayreal crayon shin chan pyjamas

Inspired by Shin Chan’s iconic green pyjamas, Stay Real also has adult-sized Shin Chan pyjamas in the new collection. This will be perfect to wear during a sleepover with your friends while discussing your favourite childhood shows. The sets cost NT$1,880 (~S$88.76) each.

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stayreal crayon shin chan chocobi bag

If you like Chocobi Star-shaped Snacks as much as Shin Chan and want to carry a pack wherever you go, consider getting this Chocobi-inspired bag. It is shaped exactly like the iconic green hexagonal box, and even has the pink dinosaur and Shin Chan on it. The opening has a drawstring function, and the bag comes with an adjustable strap. The cute shoulder bag is retailing for NT$780 (~S$36.83).

stayreal crayon shin chan coin purse

If you’re looking for something more subtle, these small and simple pouches are perfect to carry around in your tote bag. There are 3 designs featuring the Chocobi dinosaur, Shin Chan himself and Buriburizaemon, the talking pig. Each coin purse costs NT$380 (~S$17.94).

crayon shin chan mask

Lastly, complete the look by swapping out your plain disposable masks for this set of cartoon masks. One design features Shin Chan as superhero Action Mask and the other one has the pink dinosaur from Chocobi. The 2 masks come in a set that retails for NT$380 (~S$17.94).

The StayReal x Crayon Shin Chan Collection Reminds Us Of Our Childhood Days

The Crayon Shin Chan collection is already available on StayReal’s website. The company ships to Singapore, so you can order your favourite designs directly from the site. Note that the website, including the products and the delivery guide, is in Chinese, so you’ll need to be able to understand Chinese characters (or find a friend who can) in order to get the items delivered to your doorstep.

All pictures courtesy of Stayreal.

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