Daiso Korea Cherry Blossom Collection

Spring is around the corner, which means it will soon be cherry blossom season. To welcome the new season, Daiso Korea has launched a cherry blossom series called “Dreaming Blossom”. 

Dreamed up by Daiso Korea’s Design Lab, which creates collections made up of cute and aesthetic lifestyle products, you’ll be able to find items like stationery, beauty products and bags in this cherry blossom-themed series. Let’s take a look at some of the more unique items in the collection!

Beauty products

daiso korea cherry blossom oil blotting

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it’s easy for our skin to get oily at times. Dab any excess oil off your face with the oil blotting sheets from this line-up. The sheets and packaging have white and pink cherry blossom designs to make your oil blotting experience just a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

daiso korea cherry blossom makeup bag

To store your oil blotting sheets or other beauty essentials, there are makeup bags that come in 2 different sizes. The designs on the bag are the same as the ones on the cups for your iced drinks. There’s one with a grid pattern and pink flowers and one with whole cherry blossoms and petals interspersed across the front and back of the bags. 


daiso korea cherry blossom stationery

A notebook, pen and post-it notes are workplace essentials that help you stay on track with your tasks. These cherry blossom-themed stationery items will keep you in high spirits throughout the work day.

We may be in the middle of February, but there’s still plenty of time to start on a 2021 journal. You can also find pastel pink washi tape and stickers  to beautify your journal or diary.

daiso korea cherry blossom a4 folder

Cute stationery will almost always motivate you to stay organised no matter if you’re working or studying. This cherry blossom-themed A4-sized folder has 40 slots for you to store your documents or notes to carry with you to work or school.

daiso korea cherry blossom post its

With these pastel pink and white post-it notes, the most mundane of tasks will feel less boring. You can even write cute messages on them to cheer yourself or others up.

Mask case

mask case

It can be a hassle to store your mask when you’re eating out with friends or family. If you’re looking for cute mask pouches, Daiso Korea also has a cherry blossom-themed mask case so you can keep your mask safe during meals.

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Adding a quirky cushion or 2 to your sofa is an easy way to spruce up your living space. This cherry blossom-shaped pillow makes for a cute decorative piece that will fit right into your pastel pink HDB flat. If you fall asleep on it, you might even dream of seeing the cherry blossoms in person. 



For when it drizzles on your evening walks around the neighbourhood, this pink umbrella will keep you sheltered from the rain. Since it’s translucent and has a cherry blossom pattern, it will feel like you’re walking under cherry blossoms when it’s above your head. 

Daiso Korea Has A Cherry Blossom With Aesthetic Lifestyle Products

The Dreaming Blossom collection from Daiso is only available in Korea at the moment, but hopefully they’ll land on our shores soon. To take a look at the full collection, head on over to Daiso Design Lab’s Daiso Design Lab’s Instagram or Daiso Korea’s Facebook page

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