Louis Vuitton Drink Carrier

With Louis Vuitton reusable straws being a real thing, we wouldn’t be surprised if the French fashion house presented us with another sustainable and fashionable offering. However, this drink carrier isn’t an official Louis Vuitton product.

It is in fact one of the newest works from Daisuke (@dimda_). The Japanese fashion creative has crafted many unique pieces made out of everyday things like fruit wrappers combined with designer elements, including Shin Ramyun cowboy boots and a beaded Prada mask strap.

Customised carrier  

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Likely made from a pre-loved Louis Vuitton bag, the drink carrier is made out of the classic LV monogram fabricr. In place of a separate handle attached to the bag, Daisuke carefully cut holes into the fabric for fuss-free convenience.  

The customised carrier can hold 2 cups of bubble tea for those can’t choose between a milk tea or fruit tea. Using this carrier would definitely catch the attention of your favourite tearista.

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Daisuke’s customised carrier is an environmentally friendly alternative to the usual plastic or paper holders. The plastic cups within it, however, are not. To up your sustainability game, switch out your plastic cups for reusable bottles or tumblers, like the new Starbucks Holiday 2020 drinkware or a bubble tea tumbler.

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Christian Dior bubble tea bag

christian dior bubble tea bag


If you only buy 1 cup of bubble tea at a time, you could consider a reusable drink pouch. Daisuke also recently crafted a Christian Dior bubble tea bag that looks like the takeaway bags at the drink stalls in the kopitiam or pasar malam. With a bag like this, drinking your $4 milk tea will feel like a $400 experience.

The Customised Louis Vuitton Carrier Is Unfortunately Not For Sale

Due to Daisuke’s interest in environmental issues, most of his designs have to do with being sustainable while staying unique. As a result, he only creates one of each of item. That also means you won’t be able to get your hands on this coffee carrier. 

However, he has mentioned that many his followers on Instagram are inspired by his creations and remake them at home. So instead of holding out for Louis Vuitton to make their own drink carrier, stay environmentally-friendly by making your own using your own pre-loved clothes and accessories. 

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