Love Letter Hair Curlers

Thanks to tools like hair rollers and curling scrunchies, there are many ways to achieve bouncy curls without using heat. Another fun and interesting method to get those cascading waves this CNY is from a Singapore-based design studio Wheniwasfour and their “one-of-a-kind” love letter hair curlers. 

The hair curlers

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Normally, you’d expect to find love letters stored in a plastic container and not on someone’s head. But Wheniwasfour has gone the next step with love letter hair curlers, which might just change your impression of the CNY snack.    

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Similar to any other hair curler, all you have to do is twirl a section of your hair before curling them around the love letter curler. Once you’ve completed the step, secure the hair curler with a hairpin. Repeat the steps with other sections of your hair.


No worries if it is your first time using a hair curler ‒ Wheniwasfour has also uploaded a tutorial video on their Instagram story. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be curling your hair like a pro in no time. 


While Wheniwasfour didn’t mention how long to leave the curlers in for the best result, we recommend an hour or so depending on the condition of your hair. Be sure to gently remove the curlers once the time is up. 

What’s so amazing about these love letter curlers is that they are gentle on the hair and even come with a light biscuit fragrance. This means you can achieve natural-looking curls while also smelling like a snacc.

That’s not all ‒ you can even snack on them once you’re done curling your hair. 

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Yes, you read that right Wheniwasfour caught us off guard with their unique marketing strategy. For those who are looking forward to purchasing them, we hate to break it to you that these hair curlers are actually simply edible love letters used unconventionally. 

But hey, there’s no harm in using love letters to curl your hair, and who knows — the result might be better than actual hair curlers. 

These Love Letter Hair Curlers Are A Hilarious Way To Kickstart CNY Celebrations

Since this is the first year Singaporeans get to celebrate CNY without any Covid-19 restrictions, we should make the best out of it ‒ perhaps by surprising our relatives with these love letter “hair curlers”. 

For more interesting and unique designs by Wheniwasfour, check out their Instagram

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