Mahjong Keycaps

From mahjong eye shadow to mahjong-themed skateboards, it’s no secret that the game has become an inspiration to many brands. It seems like the hype is not going away any time soon as now, there are also mahjong keycaps available for purchase. For mahjong enthusiasts, here is another way for you to show off how much you love the game.  

White Keycaps

Mahjong players will find these keycaps familiar to them as they are inspired by mahjong tiles. They come with the motifs of “dots”, “bamboo”, “characters”, “animals” and “wind” tiles found in the game. 

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As the keycaps are in white, they look like actual mahjong tiles but in a smaller size.

Mahjong KeycapsSource

The “characters” keycaps are suitable to replace the number keys on your keyboards as each of them represents a unique numerical value. 


You can also switch up the arrow keys with the different “wind” keycaps as it reads North, South, East, and West in Chinese.  

This set of white keycaps retails at just $12 on Shopee

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Sparrow God Cherry Keycaps

MJ lovers are spoilt for choice as there is yet another set of mahjong-inspired keycaps that come in white and vibrant green. 

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Besides the alphabets and functions keycaps, there are 42 other keycaps with the designs of the mahjong tiles. You will also find the “season” and “flower” tiles included in this set of keycaps. 


Plus, they also threw in some of the classic words you shout in the game such as “pong”, “chi”, and “hu”. 


Not to mention, the sleek design of the space bar decked with pink, orange, and blue is attention-grabbing too. 

This set of keycaps retails at $42.99 on Shopee

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These keycaps can make great gift ideas for our obsessed kakis or relatives. If you happen to be looking for ways to make your keyboard stand out, perhaps these mahjong keycaps can help to do so. 

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