Quirky AirPods Cases Under $9

We can all agree that AirPods aren’t the cheapest earphones in the market. So can you imagine the horror of misplacing them? 

Well, these 15 quirky AirPods cases won’t just make your AirPods easy to find, they’ll make a statement at the same time.

Food-inspired cases

1. McDonald’s-inspired cases

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Take your love for this fast-food joint to the next level with these McDonald’s-inspired cases. They are available in 5 designs: a Happy Meal box, a chicken nugget, apple pie, taro pie and Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce.

Price: $6.97
Available on: Shopee

2. Xiao long bao case

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Satisfy your DTF cravings with this xiao long bao case. It is neatly pleated with a gorgeous twist, just like the real deal.

Price: $4.40
Available on: ezbuy

3. Bungeoppang case

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This bungeoppang case will surely get onlookers thinking, “what the fish?” with its golden-brown appearance and scales resembling the Korean fish-shaped pastry. The mouth of the fish is also cleverly situated at the charging port, so it looks like it’s been baited when you plug in the lightning cable.

Price: $6
Available on: ezbuy

4. Vitasoy & Vita Lemon Tea Drink carton-inspired cases

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If you grew up in the ’90s, you’ll remember Vitasoy as one of the OG Asian childhood packet drinks. Reminisce your younger years with this ‘healthier-option’ AirPods case. And if soy milk isn’t your thing, go for the hella sweet Vita Lemon Tea Drink instead.

Price: $4.14
Available on: Shopee

5. Japanese milk tea bottle case

quirky-airpods-cases (14)Source

This Japanese milk tea bottle case resembles a milk bottle served in Japanese schools. With details like the characteristic blue plastic cover and a cartoon drawing of a child in a red beanie, this case earns the title of a super kawaii case.

Price: $6.90
Available on: ezbuy

6. Avocado case

quirky-airpods-cases (7)Source

Welcome to the avocado generation, where we LOVE avocados on everything—even as an AirPods case. This avocado case has little arms and legs and even has an adorable little flushed face on its seed. 

Price: $5.20
Available on: ezbuy

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Character-inspired cases

7. Gudetama-inspired cases

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Everyone’s favourite egg is now available in the form of AirPods cases as well. These Gudetama-inspired cases feature the lazy egg tucked snugly in its shell in the first design and attempting to cover its eyes with its tiny arms in the second. 

Price: $4.30
Available on: ezbuy

8. Sumikko Gurashi-inspired cases

quirky-airpods-cases (3)Source

These Sumikko Gurashi-inspired cases are available in 2 characters—Ebi Fry no Shippo (Fried Shrimp Tail) and Tonkatsu. The cases come with a silicone wristlet, so you can carry them with you all the time.

Price: $7.30
Available on: ezbuy

9. BMO-inspired case

quirky-airpods-cases (8)Source

BMO, a prominent character in the hit animation series Adventure Time, is now available as an AirPods protective case. With this BMO-inspired case protecting your AirPods, nothing can faze you from your wildest adventures.

Price: $7.30
Available on: ezbuy

10. Tsum Tsum-inspired cases

quirky-airpods-cases (4)Source

This collection of Tsum Tsum-inspired cases includes Piglet, Pooh, Donald and Daisy. If you’re an avid fan of Disney or Tsum Tsum, the pretty pastel colours will surely brighten up your day.

Price: $5.30
Available on: ezbuy

11. Kakao Friends-inspired cases

quirky-airpods-cases (15)Source

Kakao Friends characters have appeared on clothes, makeup, and now AirPods cases. These Kakao Friends-inspired cases feature the faces of Apeach and Ryan, in their characteristic pastel pink and orange colours.

Price: $5
Available on: ezbuy

Nostalgic cases

12. Nokia and Motorola-inspired phone & pager cases

quirky-airpods-cases (9)Source

#Throwback to the days when brick phones and pagers were all the rage. Now you can almost relive those golden days with these phone and pager cases, inspired by Nokia and Motorola designs. 

Price: $8.50
Available on: Shopee

13. Johnson’s Baby Lotion-inspired case

quirky-airpods-cases (16)Source

Keep your skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s butt with this Johnson’s Baby Lotion-inspired case. Almost instantly recognisable by its signature pastel pink bottle and cursive blue font, this case will surely add a pop of sweetness to your overall look.

Price: $8
Available on: Shopee

14. Mono eraser-inspired case

quirky-airpods-cases (2)Source

In your many tedious years of studying, you probably used a Mono plastic eraser. Well, a seller on ezbuy has now produced these Mono eraser-inspired AirPods cases to protect your delicate earphones.

Price: $6
Available on: ezbuy

15. Game Boy-inspired cases

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As a kid, everybody wanted a Game Boy of their own. Well,  now you can, with these nostalgic Game Boy-inspired cases. Choose between 7 electric colours—red, blue, white, coral, black, yellow and grey. 

Price: $4.84
Available on: Shopee

Quirky AirPods Cases Under $9

These 15 quirky AirPods cases are all available on Shopee and ezbuy. We stan a savings queen, so save even more coins by waiting for the upcoming 11/11 sale, where you can score greater discounts and shipping deals.

While you’re at it, get a cute phone case to match your $299 earphones.

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