Single’s Inferno-Themed Staycation

Dating apps are one way to meet new people without having to meet them IRL. Yet, for the daredevils who ain’t shy when it comes to the pursuit of love, Singapore Staycation has launched a Single’s Inferno-themed staycation. 

Single Pringles can now mingle through various activities, and who knows, you might meet your potential SO during the staycation. Continue reading to find out more about this offer. 

The staycation

For those who’ve already watched Netflix’s Single’s Inferno, you would recall that the contestants are rewarded a night at “Paradise” ‒ a luxury hotel ‒ if they become a couple. Failure to do so means another night on the singles island. 

Unlike the show, everyone who signs up for the staycation will head directly to “Paradise”. 

Single’s Inferno-Themed StaycationLuxury Room

This offer will be available at Sofitel Sentosa Resort & Spa, a 5-star luxury hotel nestled in Sentosa, where 2 participants of the same gender will share a Luxury Room.

Single’s Inferno-Themed StaycationSource

Pack a bath bomb along, as the room comes with a bathtub for you to soak and unwind after a day of activities. For those who prefer to stay in a room by themselves, you can always top-up for an upgrade. 

Picnic at Tanjong Beach

Since the aim of the staycation is to get to know other singles, the itinerary includes opportunities for you to do so, like a picnic lunch and games at Tanjong Beach. 

Skyline & Luge at Sentosa

Those who love an adrenaline rush would be pleased to know that the package includes ride tickets to Skyline & Luge at Sentosa. A fun-filled descent is guaranteed as you admire the flora and fauna of the rainforest. 

Tanjong Beach Club

At the end of the day, head over to Tanjong Beach Club for a scrumptious dinner, where you’ll be seated in groups of 5. This marks the last activity before you vote for one participant who has sparked your interest ‒ as it is on Single’s Inferno.  

Before the final voting the next day, you’ll also get to enjoy a hotel buffet breakfast, followed by a morning fitness activity like yoga or HIIT. 

Find Your Potential Bae Through This Single’s Inferno-Themed Staycation

If you’re up for a unique experience to meet someone new, this Single’s Inferno-themed staycation might pique your interest. At $388 per pax, you’ll get to relax over various activities, and take a step back from the bustling city life

As the offer only runs across 5 weekends, from February to April 2022, make sure to not miss out on this opportunity. Interested peeps can sign up through this form, and for more information, visit Singapore Staycation’s Instagram

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