Starbucks China 50th Anniversary Collection 

If you thought Starbucks was done with all their 50th anniversary goodies, think again. This time around, their latest collection in China will whisk you away to the ocean blue with a series of mugs, tumblers and cups embellished with glimmery gold prints.

Sticking to the iconic siren theme of the brand, the items all feature a range of mermaid motifs including scale details and crown features as well 

The Collection

starbucks canteen

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The collection begins with what could pass as a sailor’s canteen. The bagel shaped tumbler has a rose-gold finish and comes paired with a green sling so you can carry the bottle around conveniently. For extra flair, there’s even a mermaid inscribed onto the side of the tumbler. 


Next, consider taking sips of your morning brew out of this green mug, adorned with scale details on the bottom and gold finishes. If you’re saving the drink for later, you can cover the mug with the gold lid included – there’s even a crown embellishment on the top.

starbucks siren

If you fancy something a little simpler, this white mug should do the trick. The mug is decorated with a gold mermaid print that pops out off the side – elegant enough for a tea party. 

starbucks cup

This cup is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of homemade iced tea. With a translucent green top that fades into a transparent bottom, the cup mimics an iridescent mermaid tail with scale patterns all over. And for the finishing touch, there’s a gold Starbucks logo engraved in the centre. 


Similar to blown glass, this green cup has a cloudy look to it and comes with the Starbucks brand name printed on, in a classic font. If not to drink out of, you can use this cup as decor for the kitchen or even the bathroom for that retro-vibe. 


Unlike other Starbucks bottles, this one has a unique cone-shaped body with a round sphere cap. Coloured white, the bottom has gold stars added and a gold logo on the cap – great for days you want to dress up without having your water bottle ruin the entire outfit.  


For more mermaid motifs, this other bottle is also worth considering. In a similar style to the green mug mentioned earlier, the bottle has gold detailing of a mermaid tail printed on the side. The screw-on cap is shaped like a crown and has orange jewels lined up around it, perfectly fit for royalty.  


This white tumbler is great for when you want to order coffee to-go, without having to use disposable cups. Similar to other pieces in the collection, there’s a mermaid printed on in gold as part of the design plus, all you have to do is press a button and the top pops open.

starbucks mermaid

Additionally, you can get this cup which comes in the same colour palette as the previous, but with a gold crown sitting in the centre of the cap. 

starbucks gold tumbler

If the other pieces in the collection weren’t shiny enough, you can gold all out with this straw cup. With scales etched all around and a shimmery gold base, this cup is eye-catching in all the right ways. 


Alternatively, if you’ve already got too many Starbucks cups and tumblers, you can still get a piece of the collection with this siren version of the Starbucks bear. With a seashell top, a gold crown and a double-tail, you can also gift this plushie to a friend who loves all things mermaid related. 

The Starbucks China 50th Anniversary Collection Will Have You Seeing Stars While Sipping Your Brew  

All the items in the collection are currently only available at Starbucks China. In the meantime, you can check out another siren-inspired collection here.  With all the special Starbucks 50th anniversary treats, it’s hard to resist adding even more tumblers to your own personal Starbucks shrine at home. 

All images courtesy of Starbucks China unless otherwise stated.

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