Felix the Cat and TokiDoki EZ-Link Cards

Sanrio characters, We Bare Bears and now, Felix the Cat and Tokidoki designs are available on EZ-Link cards.

Priced at $10 each with no loaded value, these adorable designs will take us all down memory lane.

Here’s what they look like:

Felix the Cat Cards

You would probably remember Felix the Cat gracing your television screens when you were a child.

To celebrate 100 years of this cartoon, EZ-Link has launched these two limited edition Felix the Cat cards on its official Shopee Store.



The designs are simple and classic, with Felix grinning from ear to ear. Of course, who could forget his iconic magic bag of tricks?

The first design is in neutral tones, reminiscent of the early days of the cartoon, when it was aired silent, in black and white. Felix is seen popping out of his bag, as if he was saying, “Ta-dah!” Simply adorable.

The second design contrasts with the first, as it is in vivid colours. Here, Felix pulls out a smaller bag of tricks from his bigger bag. The vibrant turquoise background really makes the yellow bags stand out.

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Tokidoki EZ-Link Card

After the popularity of the Tokidoki Merlion EZ-charm earlier this year, Tokidoki is back again with another Merlion design, this time on an EZ-Link card. It is available at selected Cheers outlets.



The design is vibrant and adorable, featuring the Tokidoki Merlion—this time, joined by his family.

Four adorable baby Merlions are swimming about, all sucking on pacifiers. Dad and mum are both wearing crowns, with Dad spouting his favourite Singlish expression, “LAH!”

The design is timeless and adorable. Patriotic AF, I’d say.

Felix the Cat and TokiDoki EZ-Link Cards

The Felix the Cat and Tokidoki EZ-Link cards are available on Shopee and selected Cheers outlets respectively. Both cards retail at $10 each with no load value.

If you’d like to see more incredibly adorable designs of both cards and charms, check out EZ-Link’s online store on Shopee Mall.

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