Winnie The Pooh EZ-Link Charm

Coffee Bean sure isn’t giving Winnie The Pooh fans a breather, as after their recent tea set merchandise, they are back with a new collectible. Enter this new EZ-Link leather charm, an adorable item for you to hang on your bag as you tap in and out during your commute.   

The EZ-Link charm

Unlike EZ-Link cards, charms have their own appeal as they double as cute accessories for you to hang on your bag or with your keys. Fans of Winnie The Pooh can now express their love for the bear with the latest EZ-Link leather charm.

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Put your hands up like how Winnie The Pooh did in the design of the leather charm. Celebrating even small wins in life, this leather charm reminds us to always stay positive even during difficult times. 

Winnie The Pooh ain’t complete without his tub of Hunny, and note how there is a metallic charm of his Hunny attached to the ring of the keychain. 

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Put a smile on the face of a Winnie The Pooh fan when you surprise them with the EZ-Link leather charm with no load value at $29.90. As there are only limited stocks, interested folks can head over to selected Coffee Bean outlets before they run out. 

Look Forward To Commuting With The Winnie The Pooh EZ-Link Leather Charm

While many Singaporeans now pay with their phones when they commute, this EZ-Link leather charm makes the travelling experience a lil’ more special. Apart from this item, be sure to also check out other wearable EZ-Link charms that feature Scrump and Stich

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