BT21 Baby Boucle Blankets And Cushions

ARMYs, as if the upcoming BTS online pop-up store wasn’t enough to make your wallets weep, BT21 Baby blankets and cushions now exist. For everyone who’s been feeling isolated from their peers or colleagues while working from home, these warm and fuzzy accessories will be the perfect WFH companions. 


bt21 blankets and cushions chimmy

If you watched BTS’ BT21 Universe series, you might have heard Jimin mention that a puppy represents the boys’ overall image. According to him, BTS love to hang out and are active, and they naturally remind people of puppies or dogs. It’s no wonder then that he created Chimmy, a playful puppy who is always sporting a yellow hoodie. 

Hug the cushion whenever you feel bored working at home with no human interaction or place the blankets on your laps to warm your body and soul. 


bt21 blankets and cushions cooky

Cooky the rabbit’s creator is none other than ARMY’s golden maknae (a Korean term used to refer to the youngest person in a group), Jungkook. He may look sweet in pink but don’t let his looks deceive you. Like Jungkook’s duality, Cooky is actually a muscular rabbit with a tough attitude. Cooky works out a lot and he can transform into a muscle man when he gets angry. 

The baby Cooky blanket and cushion will be the perfect companion for you especially on a cold, rainy day


bt21 blanket and cushion shooky

Cooky’s best friend is Shooky, a cookie designed by Suga. It resembles a delicious chocolate cookie, and is described as a cookie who loves to pull pranks. While cookies are meant to go well with milk, this special cookie hates milk. 

While using these soft blankets and cushions to keep you warm and toasty, try to resist the urge to eat it. 

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bt21 blanket and cushion tata

Ta-dah! This red heart-shaped alien character called Tata is designed by V. Like his creator, who is known as the 4-dimensional prince amongst his fans, Tata is also the crown prince of the fictional planet BT. 

If you’re currently suffering from dating app fatigue, consider getting the crown prince of planet BT to brighten up your days at home. 


bt21 rj

This is neither a sheep nor a llama but a parka-wearing alpaca named RJ. His creator, Jin, has been doodling alpacas for years, even before BTS’ collaboration with Line Friends. To the boys, Jin also looks like an alpaca especially when he eats. 

You may not be able to hug an alpaca in Singapore but you can definitely hug this alpaca designed by Jin. The soft blanket and cushion will remind you of a fluffy alpaca and make you feel cosy. 


bt21 mang

Like BTS’ main dancer J-Hope, Mang is a mysterious dancer who hides his face beneath a pony mask. If you look closely at the blanket and cushion, you will notice that Mang has a heart-shaped nose. This design is meant to relate back to J-Hope’s lips forming a heart when he laughs. His vibrant blue, pink and purple hues will also help chase your Monday blues away.


bt21 koya

Lastly, Koya is an intelligent and talented koala that is also a sleepyhead. RM, aka the leader of BTS, drew koalas during the initial sketching stage as he finds koalas cute. 

As with Mang, Koya also has blue, pink and purple colour tones that will add a splash of colour in your home. Fun fact: He has a purple nose because V once commented that purple represents love. The baby Koya blanket and cushion have huge soft ears that you can fiddle with when you are bored. 

These Baby BT21 Blankets And Cushions Are Perfect For ARMYs Who Are Homebodies

Even if you are not an ARMY, these baby BT21 blankets and cushions will make you go aww. They are already available on Line Friends Korea’s online store. The blankets are retailing for 34,000 won (~S$40.69), besides the baby Shooky blanket, which is priced at 32,000 won (~S$38.30). The cushions are retailing for 25,000 won (~S$29.92). You can try nabbing them via AirFrov, or wait to see if they show up on Shopee Singapore or Carousell Singapore.  

In the meantime, you can zhng your WFH set-up with BT21 baby neck pillows and mugs instead. They’re available on the Line Friends global store, which ships to Singapore, and are retailing for US$19.95 (~S$27.05) and US$13.95 (~S$18.91) respectively. 

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