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After the first season of Bling Empire, viewers like me who have lived vicariously through the cast could not wait for the return of the second season. Now that the second season is up and available on Netflix, a new cast member, Dorothy Wang caught the attention of many, including me.

Even without searching her up on Google, you would know that she is rich AF ‒ after all, you have to be ridiculously well-off to be on the show. If you’re curious about the 34-year-old, continue reading to find out some interesting facts about her.  

1. Her family is originally from China 

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Fun fact: Dorothy Wang is a first-generation Chinese-American, born and raised in Beverly Hills. Her family comprises her parents and an older sister, Janice Wang. 

In case you’re wondering, she was indeed born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father is Roger Wang, a billionaire who was the former CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. Forbes has also previously reported that he has a net worth of USD$3.4 billion (~S$4.7 billion).

2. She has a net worth of USD$10 million

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Dorothy Wang might have led a privileged life since she was young, but she is a hard worker who takes pride in her work. Apart from making her name as a real estate broker, the entrepreneur has also created her own jewellery brand Fabuluxue, as well as champagne brand Rich and Bubbly.  

Thanks to her hardworking attitude, her net worth is said to be something like USD$10 million (~S$13.9 million), as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

3. It’s not her first time on reality TV

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If you thought Dorothy Wang looked familiar, it might be because you’ve watched Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which ran for 4 seasons between 2014 and 2016. The reality show was Dorothy Wang’s road to fame. She later appeared on other dating shows like Fetch Me A Date on Facebook, and Famously Single. 

One might say her latest appearance on Bling Empire makes her a reality show pro.  

4. She is smart and hardworking

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It has been more than a decade since Dorothy Wang graduated from the University of Southern California, where she majored in communications. While she has admitted on Instagram that she wasn’t “the most academically focused,” she still managed to graduate on the Dean’s list. 


On top of her academic excellence, Dorothy Wang also aced her real estate broker exam ‒ she claimed on Bling Empire that it was easy. While the exam only requires a score of 60 to pass, she far surpassed that with a score of 85. 

5. Her Instagram account has over 1 million followers

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As mentioned earlier, Dorothy Wang began to gain followers on Instagram after her appearances on several reality shows. While she currently has more than 1 million followers, it is expected that the number will rise, now that the second season of Bling Empire is out. 

Interested peeps can follow her Instagram here

6. Proud of her Asian heritage


Over the past couple of years, the incidence of Asian hate crime has risen in the U.S. Dorothy Wang has declared that she is “very Asian and very proud”, and shared a post on ways for people to contribute and show support to the Asian community in the U.S.

Serious matters aside, Dorothy Wang keeps her Chinese heritage alive by celebrating the Chinese New Year. 

7. Her website is dedicated to sharing her travel tips

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One might think that Dora The Explorer was named after Dorothy Wang, as the millionaire is also a fan of exploring different parts of the world. She even coined the hashtag #DorothyTheExplorer on Instagram just to show how much she enjoys travelling. 

That’s not all – Dorothy Wang even created a website that she dedicates to her travel adventures. She shares travel tips on cities that she visited, including Tokyo, Capri, and Amsterdam. Now that heading overseas is an option again for many people, perhaps you might want to check out her website for some travel tips. 

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8. She has given back to the community from a young age


There’s no denying that Dorothy Wang is filthy rich, but it is worth noticing that she makes use of her wealth to help those in need. According to Entity Mag, the millionaire was taught to give back to society since young, and for a long time, she has been involved in various altruistic acts. 

When she was 12, she was appointed as the youngest Goodwill Ambassador for the Nanjing Charity League. In 2013, she organised a blood donation drive, asking residents in Beverly Hills to donate blood while enjoying burgers and fries. Other examples also include the time when she donated proceeds of her closet sales to the UNICEF. 

We stan a kindhearted queen.

9. Supports the Black Live Matters movement


2020 was a harsh year on many fronts: it saw the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and was a year of great racial unrest. Dorothy Wang is a supporter of diversity and inclusivity, so it’s not surprising to see her attendance at the Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest. 

On an Instagram post, she shared how she learned about “systemic racism, oppression, and brutality the black community faces every day” from the protest.

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Showing support for the movement in her own way, Dorothy Wang came up with a list of Black-owned restaurants on her website. She also sorted the list according to categories like fine dining, vegan, brunch, and dessert for easy reading. 

10. She’s friends with Christine Chiu 

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ICYMI, Dorothy Wang is already friends with the OG cast of Bling Empire, Christine Chiu. She has appeared on her Instagram several times, and are perhaps part of how she managed to get onto the second season of the reality show. In an interview with SCMP, Christine Chiu also mentioned that she loves Dorothy Wang for her “straightforward, take-no-prisoners, no BS way of communicating”. Maybe this is why they’re frequent hang-out buddies.

11. She loves to dress up for Halloween

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Dorothy Wang knows how to work hard, and party hard too, especially at Halloween. Glance at her Instagram feed, and you’ll notice how much effort she puts into coming up with a different costume every year. 

Last year, she transformed herself into Sailor Moon; she’s also dressed up as an inmate, and an enchantress. We wonder what she’ll pull off this Halloween.

12. She’s had her fair share of relationships

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Currently single and ready to mingle, Dorothy Wang has had her fair share of relationships, both good and bad. One of her ex-es prepared 100 pink balloons on her birthday, and 200 stalks of roses on Valentine’s Day 2019, as she documented on Instagram. However, despite the sweet moments they shared, it appears that things didn’t work out for the two.  

On the other hand, she also revealed on Bling Empire that she once dated someone who turned out to be a con artist. While she has never spilled more tea about that ex, it makes us curious about what actually happened. 

13. Created her own line of lash products


Some girls can’t live without their falsies, and if you are one of them, be sure to check out Dorothy Wang’s collaboration with Lilly Lashes. 

Back in 2017, Dorothy Wang began working with Lily Lashes to create her own Day-to-Night collection. It wasn’t until 2018 that the special collaboration dropped. Since she’s not new to creating her own brands, we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more of her entrepreneurial ventures. 

14. She is close to her sister

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It is obvious that Dorothy Wang cherishes her older sister Janice Wang, as she has dedicated many Instagram posts to her. Some posts include pictures of them when they were younger, and others feature heartfelt tributes to her.

Unlike Dorothy Wang, her older sister keeps a low profile. There is barely any information about her, apart from the recent news by Forbes that she has stepped down from her role as an executive director in her father’s company. 

15. She likes to reference “Mean Girls”

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Mean Girls might be a 2004 movie, but even today, many people, Dorothy Wang included, still enjoy referencing the chick-flick. Dorothy Wang once shared a photo of Gretchen in a post, quoting her classic line “You can’t sit with us”. 

Citing another memorable quote from the movie, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping”, Dorothy Wang paid tribute to the character Regina George by captioning it in a post featuring her temporary ride, a luxurious Range Rover. 

These Dorothy Wang Facts Show That She Is More Than Just Glitz And Glam

While there are stereotypes about wealthy people like being selfish, these facts show that Dorothy Wang cares about more than just her assets and appearance. As we see her return to the screens of reality TV through the second season of Bling Empire, we also can’t wait to see what she has in store for her followers down the road. 

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