Best Female Physical: 100 Contestants

Ever since Netflix’s Squid Game took the world by storm two years ago, eager fans have been waiting for the second season of the series. But in the meantime, Netflix released Physical: 100, a survival show inspired by the Korean series but without the tragic deaths.  

The show introduces 100 contestants who are the “fittest” in Korea to compete in quests, which include 23 females. Below, we ranked 10 of the best female contestants who impressed us with their exceptional strength and sportsmanship that break gender stereotypes. 

Warning: Spoilers for Physical: 100 ahead, proceed at your own risk if you’ve yet to watch the show!

10. Elaine Wong, 34

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Since Physical: 100 is all about the survival of the fittest, not many would expect actors and models to appear on the show. When Singaporean actress Elaine Wong first entered the arena, contestants who were already present immediately seemed to judge her by her appearance. She even mentioned that their looks made her wonder if she wasn’t supposed to be there. 

Yet, she did a pretty good job during the initial test where she had to hang on bars for as long as possible ‒ her timing was better than other contestants who boasted their strength. Although we didn’t get to see her advance into the next round, viewers could see that she tried her best to win against Shim EuDdeum.  

9. Kkang Mi, 33

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Fitness trainers and athletes are not the only ones who use their muscles daily ‒ military counterparts also do the same, such as first-class sergeant reservist Kkang Mi. She showed that she isn’t someone to be belittled, especially with her 8 years of experience in South Korea’s Special Forces. 

Despite going against national wrestler Jang Eunsil during the first quest, Kkang Mi never faltered and was motivated to try her best instead. She later admitted her defeat and promised to continue to improve herself and grow as a sergeant. We have no choice but to stan someone who makes every experience a learning opportunity. 

8. Hwang Bityeoul, 29

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Hwang Bityeoul was one contestant that had us wondering if she was built differently with superpowers. As someone who practices CrossFit, Bityeoul made a name for herself when she was the last female contestant left hanging on the bar during the initial test, which earned respect from others when she finished the game as the Top 3 in her group. 

Although she was later eliminated, her never-say-die attitude is something we could all learn from. 

7. Shin Bomirae, 28

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Shin Bomirae, WBC International Super Featherweight Champion, might not have had much screen time, but she stood out as the only female contestant who competed in The Punishment of Atlas. The game required the contestants to hold up a 50kg rock for as long as possible until there was one last person standing. 

Although Bomirae didn’t have the strength to lift the heavy rock above her shoulders, she showed perseverance by trying to do so even after she was eliminated. Respect. 

6. Seo Hayan, 30

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Seo Hayan won my heart when she was the only contestant who volunteered to join Jang Eunsil’s team. Despite knowing that having two females on a team would be a disadvantage, Hayan chose to be with someone whom she trusted and believed in. 

Her CrossFit training definitely proved helpful since she and her team defeated an all-male team during the sand-moving challenge, and she finished as one of the Top 30 contestants.

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5. Park Minji, 32

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Not many contestants would choose to fight against someone with a bigger physique, but traditional Korean wrestler Park Minji decided to do so. She was the first female contestant to challenge a male contestant, rugby player Jang Seongmin.

However, Minji appeared to have underestimated her opponent, who eventually tackled her with his rugby skills and tremendous strength. Nonetheless, she put up a good fight and showed that she was even more motivated than before to work on herself. 

4. Kim Dayoung, 29

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Physical: 100 might seem like a show that tests the strength and stamina of contestants, but it also educates viewers on the importance of safety. As demonstrated by Kim Dayoung, a stunt actress, she prioritised safety rather than speed during the bridge challenge. 

She made sure that the velcros below the wooden boards were properly adhered to before moving on to the next segment. Thanks to her attention to detail, her team was able to complete numerous trips and emerged victorious.

3. Kim Chunri, 45

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NGL, bodybuilder Kim Chunri caught my attention the most when she first entered the arena. Since she is a bodybuilder, it was not surprising that her stunning physique also garnered the interest of other contestants. 

Apart from her muscular appearance, Chunri also showed excellent sportsmanship when she went against MMA fighter Park Hyunggeun. She admitted defeat and even clapped back at trolls who were spreading malicious rumours about the match she had with him ‒ some people felt that it was low of Hyunggeun to pick a fight with a woman, and they didn’t like the way he used MMA techniques to tackle her. 

Eventually, she shut down the negative comments by clarifying on her Instagram that the game with Hyunggeun was fair and square.   

2. Shim Euddeum, 32 

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Shim Eddeum’s bubbly personality and attention-catching pink hair no doubt won the hearts of viewers when she was introduced as a contestant. While some contestants disregarded her occupation as a fitness YouTuber, she proved them otherwise when she became the only female contestant who made it through the revival round.  

Despite her slim figure, Eddeum’s strong mentality and inner strength allowed her to advance in the show as part of the Top 30. 

1. Jang Eunsil, 32

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As the saying goes: “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Jang Eunsil proved that despite her pretty looks, she is an outstanding national wrestler with incredible leadership. She led her team to success during the round when they had to move bags of sand, and made sure that her team did not feel discouraged despite being looked down on by other stronger teams.  

As the only female leader, Eunsil proved that gender does not affect one’s ability and strength truly comes from within. 

These Female Contestants From Physical: 100 Broke Gender Stereotypes 

It is not every day that we find ourselves in situations which test our strength, balance, mentality, and agility. These female contestants showed that no matter what the challenge was, they gave their best and showcased their extraordinary skill sets. In many ways, they also teach us to never lose hope and trust in our own abilities. 

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