Dating Tips In Singapore

Singaporeans work an average of 45 hours a week, and global rankings reveal we are one of the most sleep-deprived nations. Hence, there is a consensus amongst the local bros of Reddit that they have little time and energy to find a mate.

But as user Microtek789 said, “Well, if you don’t go out to meet people, how do you expect to find a partner? Chio bu just come knock on your door ah?”

To seek le wild chio bu, single men turned to Reddit to discuss dating strategies. Some said volunteer trips are great ways to meet kind-hearted girls, while others said “buy a body pillow la”.

Scrolling through the thread, we couldn’t help but go “aww” (and/or facepalm) at the honesty of our male counterparts. So ladies, if you’d like to meet single men, here’s where to find them.

Keep trying

tMeepo: Keep trying. You can have 1000000 failures, but 1 success is all you need for life.
Caramellocone: Until you get divorced…
tMeepo: Ok maybe 2-5?


Change your profile pic

Steamkuaypng: Wear a tailored shirt and use it as your profile pic.
Microtek789: It’s like going for 1 job interview vs 100. Keep trying and go for hobby meetups and stuff.
Kumgongkia: 100x of 0 is still 0 though.



But whatever you do, avoid using cringey pickup lines.

No fear of losing

Traxgen: Currently not actively looking rn cuz I’m working on changing myself first. Been waking up at 5.00am and going to the gym 4 times a week since Feb. I figured if I don’t even like myself, how am I gonna make others like me?

Jaydenjj92: But don’t you feel like as time goes by you are not as sociable with girls anymore after being out of the dating scene for too long?

Traxgen: No fear of losing touch when you have none to begin with.


Sell yourself… literally

Pickle_ash: I let girls know I’m looking on Carousell.


Be psychologically prepared for romance

MagosBiologis: I’d say that grindy games psychologically prepared me for romance. The guys who don’t go out to meet any girls and expect to marry some day are like L1 noobs who want to skip to the final boss with no levelling or preparation. When you actually meet a suitable girl you’ll be immediately stomped flat, and you can’t load game to redo your first impressions IRL.

Zxyyzx: can just go Grand Exchange, wear rune(g) and spam “buying gf 1m”

Lilfoot0: Grind games are daunting, but it builds the confidence IMO. Once you get enough rejections, you get the idea that being rejected is fine. But you must do it in a way that you are not despo.


Don’t PC game too much or become a weeaboo

Sdarkpaladin: I’m worse. I work mostly from home. And my interests are [in] PC gaming. So also at home. I did entertain a thought of changing my lifestyle but I don’t know where to start. I’m not sporty at all, don’t go to the gym.

Alt_generic_acct: We are going to be like those Japanese who spend their whole lives in a room with a PC. Oh no…

Sdarkpaladin: I’m trying to get out. Ironically, I am taking Japanese Lessons every Wednesday. But the class is mostly aunties, wives, and uncles. So can make friends but no potential partner.

Mcqueen88: You could try to find a Japanese partner to practice your Japanese with, in return for helping them with English.

Volunteer to meet someone who’s wifey material

Redryder74: Volunteer. Whether it’s the zoo, old folks home or some other charity, you are doing good work and getting out of the house. Bonus, you will meet kind-hearted girls.

Wacs828: Any tips for newbies who have not volunteered for 20+ years?

Redryder74: What’s your passion? Love animals? SPCA, zoo, ACRES need volunteers. Just call them up and ask how to go about it. Want to help your fellow humans? Plenty of old folks homes and charities you can call.

Join Telegram dating groups

A_man_without_a_pen: Yeah you probably expand your social circle a little. Maybe join some Telegram group? There are a couple of Telegram groups floating around r/sg.


Get a body pillow


Be HNW (High Net Worth)

Dreadiplomat110: I was told to work hard to become HNW then I will be assigned a relationship manager to help with my singlehood.

Dating Tips For Men

If all else fails, we quote Reddit user TheChickenBreast, “is ok bro gym is love gym is life.”


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Good luck!

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