Top 10 Most Influential Social Media Personalities

With how common the use of social media is today, some of us can’t even last a day without checking our top apps and staying connected with our friends. Of course, the rise in these platforms also means the rise of more influencers, who have gained a wide audience that have become fans of their content.

Some might wonder: who exactly are these influencers in our country? To curb your curiosity, Meltwater, a media monitoring company, has compiled the top 10 most influential social media personalities in Singapore for 2023.

Fun fact: the top influencers aren’t based on just followers. Meltwater generated this report based on their influencer analytics, the amount of reach, a requirement of at least 400,000 followers across all social media platforms, and a must-have Singaporean audience reach of at least 40%.

1. Naomi Neo

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Coming in first on this report is none other than Naomi Neo, who first started blogging professionally back in 2011. While her social media career began with fashion and beauty content, she has since expanded to lifestyle content about her family, as well as her journey as a mother. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 3.2 million

2. Noah Yap

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Following closely behind Naomi Neo is Noah Yap, who’s best known for his role as IP Man in the local film Ah Boys To Men. Apart from remaining active as an actor, Noah Yap is also an events host and YouTuber, spreading his positive energy and comedic persona to his audience. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 644.3k

3. Jianhao Tan


What started off as a funny YouTube video inventing the word “Loh Yeh Moh Yeh” turned into a stroke of fame for YouTuber Jianhao Tan, who’s now the CEO of Titan Digital Media. Besides creating fun skits on YouTube, Jianhao also shares heartwarming snippets of his life with his wife and daughter. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 2.2 million

4. Tosh Rock

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Many may recognise Tosh Rock as the OG sergeant from the first Ah Boys To Men movie, but the actor is also a musician who has been releasing singles since 2012. Some of his notable performances include Youtube FanFest and National Day Parade, alongside ShiGGa Shay, his bandmate in Grizzle Grind Crew. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 774k

5. Kimberly Chia


Kimberly Chia started as a child model at just 3 years old, and acted in MediaCorp dramas from the age of 9. She continued to rise to fame as an actress with her breakthrough with Fighting Spiders in 2009, and also debuted as a singer in 2016. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 1 million

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6. Benjamin Kheng


Singer-songwriter Benjamin Kheng is an icon that can’t be missed from this list. In 2012, he made his music debut with The Sam Willows, then pursued his solo career after the band announced their hiatus in 2019. Fans love watching his quirky personality on social media, as well as his adorable interactions with his wife, Naomi Yeo. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 1.1 million

7. Taufik Batisah

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When it comes to the topic of Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah is a legendary name that always comes to mind. Since making history as the first winner of Season 1 in 2004, Taufik has continued to make music, and also owns a fried chicken restaurant, Chix Hot Chicken

Total followers across social media platforms: 773k

8. Xiaxue


Proudly wearing the title “The OG Influencer” as stated in her Instagram bio, Xiaxue is undoubtedly a social media figure who holds a strong presence in the Singaporea scene. Since starting as a fashion blogger in 2003, Xiaxue continues to kill the social media game with her fashionable shoots and online tea

Total followers across social media platforms: 1.3 million

9. Jayley Woo


If you grew up watching MediaCorp dramas, Jayley Woo was probably a familiar face on-screen from 2012 to 2018. Her and her identical twin sister, Hayley Woo, have been in the showbiz for over a decade, and are now both pursuing potential projects overseas, namely in China. 

Total followers across social media platforms: 784.5k

10. Jeanette Aw

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Fun fact: Jeanetter Aw was named one of the Seven Princesses of MediaCorp back in 2006, after her iconic role in the MediaCorp drama, The Little Nyonya. Now, she’s thriving as an established actress, host, filmmaker and businesswoman, owning her own patisserie named Once Upon A Time

  Total followers across social media platforms: 535.5k

These Are The Top 10 Most Influential Social Media Personalities In Singapore For 2023

It’s impossible to not know of the impact that social media influencers have in society today. According to Meltwater’s State of Influencer Marketing Report 2023, influential personalities are 87% more memorable than TV advertising, with many faces being more easily recognisable than Facebook and YouTube advertising. 

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