Top TikTok Influencers In Singapore

With TikTok dominating the social media scene since the pandemic hit, it’s no wonder that the influencer community has also blossomed on the platform. And if you don’t have an account by now, who are you and what rock have you been living under?

They say Gen Zs are the next generation of influencers ― but with so many content creators appearing in this competitive market, it takes a special personality to stand out from the crowd. 

Below, we compiled the top 16 TikTok influencers in Singapore who have been slaying on your “For You” page. 

*Note that this list is not exhaustive of all the top TikTok personalities in Singapore

1. Naomi Neo (@naomineo) – 1.8M followers


Naomi Neo has been ruling the influencer community on almost every social media platform and TikTok is no exception. This 26-year-old famously went viral for her prank video on her son, Kyzo, along with videos documenting her life as a young mum. 

Her TikTok is full of family content, showing how much she enjoys spending time with her kids and husband. 

In addition, she is a successful entrepreneur with two businesses under her belt. NGL, she exudes main character energy.

2. Sherrin and Yixi (@sherandyx_) – 1.1M followers


The king and queen of lovey-dovey couple videos ― Sherrin and Yi Xi have been posting adorable skits and fashion content since 2020 for their 1.1 million followers to see. The pair originally met on a dating app and have been stuck to the hip ever since, a classic modern day romance. 

Previously, they appeared on ZULA Perspectives ― sharing their own experiences of what it is like to be in an interracial relationship. Despite the challenges they face, it doesn’t stop them from being the most loving couple on SG’s TikTok. 

3. Teo Cher Win (@theonlyhavenz) – 867.2K followers


Teo Cher Win, famously known by her stage name Haven, has been making waves in the music industry. This young singer has been writing her own songs from the age of 14, releasing several singles such as ‘Ego’ and ‘Future Somebody’. 

On TikTok, she has shared her struggles and challenges she faced while being in the music industry, and continues to be a beacon of hope for other Gen Zs to follow their dream and pursue their passions.

4. Shalome (@shalomiloo) – 393.1K followers


Also known as the “bus stop girl”, Shalome has been actively posting her sick dance moves and choreography on her TikTok feed. K-pop stans will be impressed by her covers that range from “Hype Boy” By New Jeans to “I AM” by IVE. 

Not only is she one of SG’s rising stars on TikTok, she also shares her passion for dancing by teaching classes for children she even had the opportunity to do a mini collaboration with an ex-Kpop star. She has also flexed her Chinese skills in a recent podcast video, and we have no choice but to stan a multilingual queen. 

5. Cavin (@cayydences) – 385.5K followers


You might have seen this TikToker’s fun and wild personality on your FYP at least once. Known by his user Cayydences, Cavin is well-known for his storytime and POV videos which give off mega unhinged energy in the best way possible. 

Aside from his funny antics, Cavin is a talented dancer and sometimes posts about his own choreographies. His recent viral post with over 10.5 million views and counting featuring his dog giving a bombastic side eye is a reminder of how our pets sometimes judge us for our weirdness.

6. Ka Yan (@kayantoast) – 286.6K followers


If soft girl energy were a person, it would be Ka Yan ― her quirky and lovable videos have been adored by her 286.6k followers. Drawing fashion inspirations from Sanrio characters, this 21-year-old has been slaying her fits with the lolita and fairy aesthetic. 

She also channels her creative energy into making cute merchandise with her Instagram shop, Toastytowns. From whimsical accessories to tote bags, the online store definitely has a suitable gift for your BFF or bae

Fun fact: she has a twin and often features her sister in her videos for fit checks.

7. Choo Wen Xuan (@dewychoo) – 202.5K followers


Dewy Choo’s rise in fame started with a fateful TikTok video of her commenting on Singaporean men’s fashion in 2020 ― a testament of how her 202.5K followers love her loud and unfiltered personality. 

Besides creating content which primarily features snippets of her life, she’s also gracing followers with her vocals. The famous TikToker has released some songs on Spotify and does modeling on the side. 

FYI, Dewy received the 7th National Youth Film Award for Best Actress in the film Girls back in 2021. She clinched the leading role in the short film despite not having prior acting experiences. With acting, singing, modeling and a wicked sense of humour, Dewy Choo is rising above and beyond in the influencer community ― now that’s what we call talent. 

8. Ian Jeevan (@ianjeevan) – 183.4K followers


This SMU Marketing graduate experimented with TikTok amidst the pandemic, treating us to hilarious skits themed after his race and stereotypes.

This humorous 26-year-old has expanded to selling T-shirts which have a heartwarming message to the current generation and hopes to inspire others by using positive affirmations. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Samaritans of Singapore ― proof that he’s as charitable as he is funny. 

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9. Nicole Liel (@lielnicole) – 179.3K followers


Nicole Liel made her “national” debut on television by proclaiming love for Ya Kun Kaya Toast and her gratitude towards HDB for receiving a BTO queue number. In case you were wondering, she did get her BTO in the end after five tries. 

Her extroverted and bubbly personality has gained her 179.3K followers on TikTok, where she covers a wide variety of content, ranging from her plastic surgery journey to fashion.

Also, this content creator is also a successful entrepreneur. She opened, a Wudhuk and Muslimah friendly beauty salon, with three locations in Singapore.

10. Atiqa Dar (@damndar) – 170.1K followers


The clean girl aesthetic is hard to achieve but Atiqa Dar does it right with her effortless outfits and zest for life. This NTU Communications student regularly posts about her travels to many countries with her JC sweetheart ―  talk about couple goals. 

Aside from her travel content, she does a lot of fashion-related content which shows off her impeccable style and the spirit of never dressing down for school days. 

11. Amy Ang (@amyy.ang) – 148.4K followers


Inspired by her love for her secondary school teachers, 19-year-old Amy Ang set out to create various POV videos of her acting as a Chinese teacher in school with a distinct Beijing accent. Her relatable content has won the hearts of many Singaporeans, with them agreeing that she nailed how their teachers used to act during their schooling days.

It’s through TikTok that she also found her passion for acting. This Ngee Ann Mass Communication graduate went on to venture into the industry by acting in student films to improve her skills.

You can catch more of her on SGAG’s social media platforms, where she works as a Content Strategist and talent.

12. Clara Li (@clara.slays) – 122.4K followers


It’s another day, another slay with this skilled beauty TikToker. If you love honest beauty reviews, hacks or tutorials on different makeup looks for any special occasion, rest assured that Clara Li’s content has it all. 

She often recreates celebrity makeup looks in her tutorials, from girl-next-door to edgy themes Outside of TikTok, she has a full time job in marketing.

13. Jeynelle Ng (@buffbaby88) – 113K followers


If you are looking for an influencer who is all about being fit and fashionable, Jeynelle Ng’s content will hit the spot. As one of Gen Z’s top fitness influencers, she regularly posts about her fitness routines, her spin class journey and body positivity content. 

As a lone gym goer myself, it personally gives me comfort that she encourages people to face their fear of the gym. With her bubbly personality, this Wah!Banana creative specialist and talent has no shortage of cool content for her 113K followers to enjoy. 

14. Kai (@pale.nerves) – 97K followers


If you have a penchant for the paranormal, Kai’s viral incredible tales and adventures will keep you entertained. His paranormal encounters make for a fun yet freaky bedtime watch.  

This NTU design student also does other various content, ranging from thrifting vlogs to his day-to-day as an intern. Streetwear fans can also take a fashion cue from his eccentric style. 

15. Kaci Beh (@kaci.beh) – 87.1K followers


After taking a leap of faith by dropping out of Temasek Polytechnic to pursue a modeling career, Kaci Beh has made a name for herself in the industry.

She has walked runways for major fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Stella Jean. FYI, she has also graced the magazine cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore. 

On her TikTok feed, she regularly posts about her tattoo artist journey and fashion content which are full of swag. It’s no surprise that she’s already racked up 87.1K followers and counting. 

16. Ong Yi Ting (@yitinggoyt) – 83.3K followers


I admit that I have never been the best at dialects but Yi Ting, aka the “Hokkien girl” on TikTok, made a lot of Singaporeans interested in learning dialects with her funny skits and wit. 

Her viral post of her teaching her grandmother about Gen Z slang in Hokkien helped garner this influencer a dedicated fanbase.

Bonus: Zula & Other KOLS

Aside from the top followed creators on TikTok, brands also commonly use media platforms. ZULA is the leading female lifestyle brand in Singapore, known for their popular ZULA Spotted and ZULA styles segments on TikTok.


Can we find a BF to make his GF *blush* – literally? 🤔 Head to Bugis+ & Sephora to level up your makeup game for future dates! #ZulaStyles #sgbeauty

♬ original sound – ZULA – ZULA

Whether it’s trying the latest trending dry shampoo – the video has amassed over 224K views at time of writing BTW, or finding the hottest style fits in the crowd in their Zula Spotted series, you’ll definitely be entertained scrolling for hours.

To reach out for potential collaborations, email

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