Starbucks 2021 Colour-Changing Confetti Cups and Drinkware 

When it comes to the ever-popular Cold Cups, the Starbucks colour-changing ones always seem to be a hit. This year, the colour-changing cups are making a comeback in the U.S. and UK – similar to the ones from the Starbucks’ Pride 2020 collection. In addition, Starbucks U.S. will also be introducing a new colour-changing swirl cup. Read on to find out more about Starbucks’ 2021 colour-changing confetti cups and drinkware in the U.S. and UK and the designs. 

Starbucks UK

Starbucks Confetti Cups 2021 UK

Before and after of the Starbucks colour-changing confetti cup
Images courtesy of Starbucks

What time is it? Summertime. As people around the world welcome back the heat in the coming months, iced coffee season is also making its return. We can’t think of any better way to store our cuppas other than with the Starbucks 2021 colour-changing confetti cups. 

It is equipped with a pastel blue lid and a rainbow sipping straw – making it apt for Pride Month in June too. Watching the multi-coloured confetti bits appear as the cup detects drops in temperature caused by the ice alone is enough for an afternoon mood booster.

Starbucks Confetti Cups 2021 Set

Image courtesy of Starbucks

Aside from the colour-changing confetti cup, Starbucks UK is also selling a 5-piece colour-changing cup set. According to its website, the colour of each cup “transforms from a neon hue into an ombré design”. As the saying goes: good things must share, since you can split the colour-changing fun 5-ways with your friend group. 

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Starbucks U.S. 

Starbucks Confetti Cups 2021 US


Over in the U.S., the colour-changing confetti cup is available in 5 different colourways, with the straw boasting a contrasting colour from the lid.

Starbucks Confetti Cups 2021 Pack


Like the set in the UK, the Starbucks 2021 colour-changing confetti cups are sold as a bundle of 5 in the U.S.


Unique to the U.S. is the Starbucks colour-changing swirl cup. Bursts of colour swirls emerge when the temperature sensitive cup comes in contact with an ice-cold drink. Honestly, the swirls add a whimsical touch to every slurp of your beverage.

Starbucks summer collection

To usher in summer this year, Starbucks U.S. has a lot more merch released as well as drinkware slated to drop.  


With Pride Month just around the corner, there is no better time to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community by blinging it up with the rainbow dome tumbler.


Shiny is the name of the game for Starbucks’ summer series this year. The iridescent effect on this tumbler will add a pop of shades to your daily coffee run. 

Starbucks Confetti Cups 2021 Blush Pink


As Karen Smith would say, “on wednesdays we wear pink”, and that can apply to tumblers as well. For Mean Girls fans out there, the tumbler’s adorable blush pink colour will make you want to use it daily. 

Starbucks U.S. and UK’s 2021 Colour-Changing Confetti Cups Add Life To Coffee Breaks 

For now, Starbucks’ colour-changing confetti cups and other summer collection tumblers are exclusive to the U.S. and UK. To find out more about the drinkware, you can visit retailer, Boston Charms’ online store. Fingers crossed that this vibrant range of items will find its way to Singapore soon. 

In the meantime, last year’s edition of the Starbucks colour-changing confetti cups are available to cop on Shopee. And, for more recent merch, you can also check out the freshly released Starbucks x Herschel Supply Co collection. 

Cover: Images courtesy of Starbucks 

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